1 Chronicles 17

Coverdale(i) 1 It fortuned wha Dauid dwelt in his house, he sayde vnto ye prophet Nathan: Beholde, I dwell in a house of Ceder, and the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE is amonge the curtaynes. 2 Nathan saide vnto Dauid: What so euer is in thine hert, that do: for God is with ye. 3 But the same night came ye worde of God vnto Nathan, and sayde: 4 Go and speake to Dauid my seruaunt: Thus sayeth the LORDE: Thou shalt not buylde me an house to be an habitacio: 5 for I haue dwelt in no house sence the daye that I broughte forth the children of Israel, vnto this daye: But where the Tabernacle and habitacion hath bene, there haue I bene where so euer 6 I haue walked in all Israel. Spake I euer to eny of the Iudges in Israel (whom I commaunded to kepe my people) and sayde: Wherfore do ye not buylde me an house of Cedre tymber? 7 So shalt thou speake now vnto my seruaunt Dauid: Thus sayeth the LORDE Zebaoth: I toke the from the pasture behynde the shepe, that thou shuldest be the prynce ouer my people, 8 and haue bene with the whither so euer thou wetest, and haue roted out all thine enemies before the, and haue made the a name, acordinge to the name of the greate men that are vpo earth. 9 And for my people of Israel, I wyll appoynte them a place, and wyl plante them, that they maye dwell there, and nomore to be remoued. And the childre of wickednes shal oppresse them nomore, 10 like as afore tyme, whan I comaunded the Iudges ouer my people of Israel. And I wyl subdue all thine enemies, and do declare vnto the, that the LORDE wyl buylde the an house. 11 But whan thy dayes are fulfilled, that thou departest hence with yi fathers, I wyl after the rayse vp yi sede, which shall be eue one of thy sonnes: his kyngdome wyl I stabli?she, 12 he shal buylde me an house, & I wyl make his seate sure for euer. 13 I wyl be his father, and he shal be my sonne. And I wyl not withdrawe my mercy from him, as I haue withdrawen it fro him that was before the: 14 But I wyll set him in my house and in my kyngdome for euer, so that his seate shalbe sure for euermore. 15 And wha Nathan had spoken vnto Dauid acordinge to all these wordes & all this vision, 16 kynge Dauid came and sat him downe before the LORDE, and sayde: O LORDE God, who am I? and what is my house, yt thou hast broughte me thus farre? 17 And this (O God) hast thou thoughte yet to litle, but hast spoken of thy seruauntes house yet longe for to come. And thou LORDE God hast loked downe vpon me from aboue, euen as one man loketh vpon another. 18 What more shal Dauid saye vnto the, yt thou bryngest yi seruaunt to soch honoure? Thou knowest thy seruaunt 19 O LORDE, for thy seruauntes sake and acordinge to thy hert hast thou done all these greate thinges, that thou mightest shewe all greate thinges vnto thy seruaunt. 20 LORDE, there is none lykel the, and there is no God but thou, of whom we haue herde with oure eares. 21 And where is there a people vpon earth as thy people of Israel, where God wente to delyuer him a people, and to make him selfe a name thorow greate & terrible thinges, to cast out the Heythen before thy people, whom thou hast delyuered out of Egipte? 22 and ye people of Israel hast thou made yi people for euer, and thou LORDE art become their God. 23 Now LORDE, let the worde be verified for euer, that thou hast spoken ouer thy seruaunt and ouer his house, & do as thou hast spoken: 24 and let thy name endure and be magnified for euer, that it maye sayde: The LORDE Zebaoth, the God of Israel is the God in Israel, and that the house of thy seruaunt Dauid maye be stably?shed before the: 25 for thou LORDE hast opened the eare of yi seruaunt, that thou wilt buylde him an house. Therfore hath thy seruaunt founde (confydence) to make his prayer before the. 26 Now LORDE, thou art God, and hast promysed soch good vnto thy seruaunt. 27 Begynne now to blesse the house of thy seruaunt, that it maye be euermore before the: for loke what thou blessest (O LORDE) the same is blessed for euer.