1 Chronicles 17

  1 H1961 Now it came H1732 to pass, as David H3427 sat H1004 in his house, H1732 that David H559 said H5416 to Nathan H5030 the prophet, H2009 See, H3427 I dwell H1004 in an house H730 of cedars, H727 but the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the LORD H8478 remains under H3407 curtains.
  2 H5416 Then Nathan H559 said H1732 to David, H6213 Do H3605 all H3824 that is in your heart; H430 for God is with you.
  3 H1961 And it came H1931 to pass the same H3915 night, H1697 that the word H430 of God H1961 came H5416 to Nathan, H559 saying,
  4 H3212 Go H559 and tell H1732 David H5650 my servant, H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD, H1129 You shall not build H1004 me an house H3427 to dwell in:
  5 H3427 For I have not dwelled H1004 in an house H4480 since H3117 the day H5927 that I brought H3478 up Israel H2088 to this H3117 day; H1961 but have gone H168 from tent H168 to tent, H4908 and from one tabernacle to another.
  6 H3605 Wherever H834 H1980 I have walked H3605 with all H3478 Israel, H1696 spoke H1697 I a word H259 to any H8199 of the judges H3478 of Israel, H834 whom H6680 I commanded H7462 to feed H5971 my people, H559 saying, H4100 Why H1129 have you not built H1004 me an house H730 of cedars?
  7 H6258 Now H3541 therefore thus H559 shall you say H5650 to my servant H1732 David, H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H3947 I took H5116 you from the sheepcote, H310 even from following H6629 the sheep, H5057 that you should be ruler H5921 over H5971 my people H3478 Israel:
  8 H1961 And I have been H3605 with you wherever H834 H3772 you have walked, and have cut H3605 off all H341 your enemies H6440 from before H6213 you, and have made H8034 you a name H8034 like the name H1419 of the great H776 men that are in the earth.
  9 H7760 Also I will ordain H4725 a place H5971 for my people H3478 Israel, H5193 and will plant H7931 them, and they shall dwell H8478 in their place, H7264 and shall be moved H3808 no H5750 more; H3808 neither H1121 shall the children H5766 of wickedness H1086 waste H3254 them any more, H7223 as at the beginning,
  10 H3117 And since the time H6680 that I commanded H8199 judges H5921 to be over H5971 my people H3478 Israel. H3665 Moreover I will subdue H3605 all H341 your enemies. H5046 Furthermore I tell H3068 you that the LORD H1129 will build H1004 you an house.
  11 H1961 And it shall come H3588 to pass, when H3117 your days H4390 be expired H3212 that you must go H1 to be with your fathers, H6965 that I will raise H2233 up your seed H310 after H834 you, which H1121 shall be of your sons; H3559 and I will establish H4438 his kingdom.
  12 H1129 He shall build H1004 me an house, H3559 and I will establish H3678 his throne H5769 for ever.
  13 H25 I will be his father, H1121 and he shall be my son: H5493 and I will not take H2617 my mercy H5493 away H5493 from him, as I took H6440 it from him that was before you:
  14 H5975 But I will settle H1004 him in my house H4438 and in my kingdom H5769 for ever: H3678 and his throne H3559 shall be established H5769 for ever more.
  15 H3605 According to all H428 these H1697 words, H3605 and according to all H2088 this H2377 vision, H3651 so H5416 did Nathan H1696 speak H1732 to David.
  16 H1732 And David H4428 the king H935 came H3427 and sat H6440 before H3068 the LORD, H559 and said, H4310 Who H3068 am I, O LORD H430 God, H4310 and what H1004 is my house, H935 that you have brought H1988 me till now?
  17 H2063 And yet this H6994 was a small H5869 thing in your eyes, H430 O God; H1696 for you have also spoken H5650 of your servant’s H1004 house H7350 for a great H7200 while to come, and have regarded H8448 me according to the estate H120 of a man H4608 of high H3068 degree, O LORD H430 God.
  18 H4100 What H1732 can David H3254 speak more H5750 H3519 to you for the honor H5650 of your servant? H3045 for you know H5650 your servant.
  19 H3068 O LORD, H5650 for your servant’s H5668 sake, H3820 and according to your own heart, H6213 have you done H3605 all H2063 this H1420 greatness, H3045 in making known H3605 all H1420 these great things.
  20 H3068 O LORD, H369 there is none H3644 like H369 you, neither H430 is there any God H2108 beside H3605 you, according to all H8085 that we have heard H241 with our ears.
  21 H4310 And what H259 one H1471 nation H776 in the earth H5971 is like your people H3478 Israel, H834 whom H430 God H1980 went H6299 to redeem H5971 to be his own people, H7760 to make H8034 you a name H1420 of greatness H3372 and terribleness, H1644 by driving H1471 out nations H6440 from before H5971 your people H834 whom H6299 you have redeemed H4714 out of Egypt?
  22 H5971 For your people H3478 Israel H5414 did you make H5971 your own people H5769 for ever; H3068 and you, LORD, H1961 became H430 their God.
  23 H6258 Therefore now, H3068 LORD, H1697 let the thing H1696 that you have spoken H5921 concerning H5650 your servant H5921 and concerning H1004 his house H539 be established H5769 for ever, H6213 and do H1696 as you have said.
  24 H539 Let it even be established, H8034 that your name H1431 may be magnified H5769 for ever, H559 saying, H3068 The LORD H6635 of hosts H430 is the God H3478 of Israel, H430 even a God H3478 to Israel: H1004 and let the house H1732 of David H5650 your servant H3559 be established H6440 before you.
  25 H430 For you, O my God, H1540 have told H5650 your servant H1129 that you will build H1004 him an house: H5921 therefore H3651 H5650 your servant H4672 has found H3820 in his heart H6419 to pray H6440 before you.
  26 H6258 And now, H3068 LORD, H430 you are God, H1696 and have promised H2063 this H2896 goodness H5650 to your servant:
  27 H6258 Now H2974 therefore let it please H1288 you to bless H1004 the house H5650 of your servant, H6440 that it may be before H5769 you for ever: H1288 for you bless, H3068 O LORD, H1288 and it shall be blessed H5769 for ever.