1 Chronicles 17

Great(i) 1 And it fortuned that whan Dauid dwelt in hys house, he sayde to Nathan the prophete: lo, I dwell in an house of Cedar tree: but the Arcke of the Lordes couenaunt remayneth vnder curtaynes. 2 And Nathan sayd to Dauid: do all that is in thyne herte, for God is with the. 3 And the same nyght it fortuned that the worde of God came to Nathan, sayinge: 4 go and tell Dauid my seruaunt, thus sayth the Lorde, thou shalt not buylde me an house to dwell in. 5 For I haue dwelt in no house sence the daye that I brought out the chyldren of Israel vnto thys daye: but haue gone from tent to tent, and from one habitacyon to another. 6 And whersoeuer I haue walked wyth all Israel, spake I euer one worde to anye of the iudges of Israell (whom I commaunded to fede my people,) sayinge: why haue ye not buylt me an house of Cedar tree? 7 Nowe therfore, thus shalt thou saye vnto my seruaunt Dauid: thus sayth the Lorde of Hostes: I toke the out of the pastures whan thou wentest after shepe, that thou shuldest be captayne ouer my people Israel. 8 And I haue bene wt the whither soeuer thou hast walked, & haue weded out all thyne enemyes out of thy sight & haue made the a name, lyke the name of the greatest men that are in the erthe. 9 And I haue ordeyned a place for my people Israel and made it faste, so that nowe they maye dwell in theyr place, and moue nomore. Nether shall the chyldren of wyckednesse vexe them any moare as at the begynnynge. 10 And sense the tyme that I commaunded iudges to be ouer my people Israel, I haue subdued all thyne enemies, and I tolde the, that the Lorde wolde buylde the an house. 11 Thys also shall come to passe: when thy dayes be expired, that thou must go vnto thy fathers, I wyll rayse vp thy sead after the which shalbe of thy sonnes, and I wyll prepare for hym the kyngdome. 12 He shall buylde me an house, and I wyll stablishe his seate for euer 13 I wylbe hys father, and he shalbe my sonne, and I wyll not take my mercy awaye from hym, as I toke it from hym that was before the. 14 But I wyll sett hym in myne house and in my kyngdome for euer, and hys seate shalbe sure for euermore 15 According to all these wordes, and accordyng to all thys visyon, dyd Nathan tell kinge Dauid. 16 And Dauid the kynge came & sat before the Lorde, & sayde: what am I (O Lord God,) and what is mynehoushold, that thou hast promoted me thus farre? 17 And yet thys semed lyttel in thyne eyes, O God: But thou hast also spoken of thy seruauntes house for a greate whyle to come: and hast loked vpon me as vpon a man of hye degree (O Lorde God.) 18 What shall Dauid desyre more of the for the honoure of thy seruaunt? For thou hast knowen thy seruaunt: 19 O Lorde for thy seruauntes sake, euen accordynge to thyne awne hert hast thou done all thys magnifycence, to shewe all great thinges. 20 Lorde, there is none lyke the, nether is there anye God saue thou, accordinge to all that we haue hearde wt oure eares. 21 Moreouer, what nacion on the erth is lyke thy people Israel, to whom God hath vouchsafed to come and redeme them to be hys awne people, and to make the a name of excellency and terriblenesse, with castyng out nacyons from before thy people, whom thou hast delyuered out of Egypte? 22 Thy people of Israel dyddest thou make thyne awne people for euer, and thou becamest theyr God. 23 Therfore nowe Lorde, let the thynge that thou hast spoken concernynge thy seruaunt and hys house, be true for euer, that thou do as thou hast sayde: let it come to passe, 24 that thy name maye be magnifyed for euer, that it maye be sayde: the Lorde of Hostes is the God of Israel (euen the God of Israel) & the house of Dauid thy seruaunt endureth stable before the. 25 For thou (O my God) hast tolde thy seruaunte, that thou wylt buylde him an house. And therfore thy seruaunt hath founde in hys hert to praye before the. 26 And nowe Lord, thou art God, and hast promised thys goodnesse vnto thy seruaunte. 27 Nowe therfore, let it be thy pleasure to blesse the house of thy seruaunt, that it maye contynue before the for euer. For whom thou blessest (O Lorde) the same is blessed for euer.