Judges 10

CLV(i) 1 And there rises after Abimelech, to save Israel, Tola son of Puah, son of Dodo, a man of Issachar, and he is dwelling in Shamir, in the hill-country of Ephraim, 2 and he judges Israel twenty and three years, and he dies, and is buried in Shamir. 3 And there rises after him Jair the Gileadite, and he judges Israel twenty and two years, 4 and he has thirty sons riding on thirty ass-colts, and they have thirty cities, (they call them Havoth-Jair unto this day), which [are] in the land of Gilead;" 5 and Jair dies, and is buried in Kamon. 6 And the sons of Israel add to do the evil thing in the eyes of Yahweh, and serve the Baalim, and Ashtaroth, and the elohims of Aram, and the elohims of Zidon, and the elohims of Moab, and the elohims of the Bene-Ammon, and the elohims of the Philistines, and forsake Yahweh, and have not served Him;" 7 and the anger of Yahweh burns against Israel, and He sells them into the hand of the Philistines, and into the hand of the Bene-Ammon, 8 and they crush and oppress the sons of Israel in that year--eighteen years all the sons of Israel [who] are beyond the Jordan, in the land of the Amorite, which [is] in Gilead. 9 And the Bene-Ammon pass over the Jordan to fight also against Judah, and against Benjamin, and against the house of Ephraim, and Israel has great distress. 10 And the sons of Israel cry unto Yahweh, saying, `We have sinned against You, even because we have forsaken our Elohim, and serve the Baalim.. 11 And Yahweh said unto the sons of Israel, `[Have I] not [saved you] from the Egyptians, and from the Amorite, from the Bene-Ammon, and from the Philistines? 12 And the Zidonians, and Amalek, and Maon have oppressed you, and you cry unto Me, and I save you out of their hand;" 13 and you--you have forsaken Me, and serve other elohims, therefore I add not to save you. 14 Go and cry unto the elohims on which you have fixed; they--they save you in the time of your adversity.' 15 And the sons of Israel say unto Yahweh, `We have sinned, do You to us according to all that is good in Your eyes; only deliver us, we pray You, this day.. 16 And they turn aside the elohims of the stranger out of their midst, and serve Yahweh, and His soul is grieved with the misery of Israel. 17 And the Bene-Ammon are called together, and encamp in Gilead, and the sons of Israel are gathered together, and encamp in Mizpah. 18 And the people--heads of Gilead--say one unto another, `Who [is] the man that does begin to fight against the Bene-Ammon? he is for head to all inhabitants of Gilead..