Proverbs 20

CAB(i) 1 Wine is a mocker, and strong drink full of violence; but every fool is entangled with them. 2 The threat of a king differs not from the rage of a lion; and he that provokes him sins against his own soul. 3 It is a glory to a man to turn aside from railing, but every fool is entangled with such matters. 4 A sluggard when reproached is not ashamed; so also he who borrows grain in harvest. 5 Counsel in a man's heart is deep water, but a prudent man will draw it out. 6 A man is valuable and a merciful man precious, but it is hard to find a faithful man. 7 He that walks blameless in justice shall leave his children blessed. 8 Whenever a righteous king sits on the throne, no evil thing can stand before his presence. 9 Who will boast that he has a pure heart? Or who will boldly say that he is pure from sins? 10 Diverse weights and diverse measures, both of them are an abomination before the Lord, and so is he that makes them. 11 A youth when in company with a godly man, will be restrained in his devices, and then his way will be straight. 12 The ear hears, and the eye sees; even both of them are the Lord's work. 13 Love not to speak ill, lest you be cut off: open your eyes, and be filled with bread. 14 (TEXT OMITTED) 15 (TEXT OMITTED) 16 (TEXT OMITTED) 17 (TEXT OMITTED) 18 (TEXT OMITTED) 19 (TEXT OMITTED) 20 The lamp of him that reviles father or mother shall be put out, and his eyes shall see darkness. 21 A portion hastily gotten at first shall not be blessed in the end. 22 Say not, I will avenge myself on my enemy, but wait on the Lord, that He may help you. 23 A double weight is an abomination to the Lord, and a deceitful balance is not good in His sight. 24 A man's steps are directed by the Lord: how then can a mortal understand His ways? 25 It is a snare to a man hastily to consecrate some of his own property: for in that case repentance comes after vowing. 26 A wise king utterly crushes the ungodly, and will bring a wheel upon them. 27 The spirit of man is a light of the Lord, who searches the inmost parts of the belly. 28 Mercy and truth are a guard to a king, and will surround his throne with righteousness. 29 Wisdom is an ornament to young men, and gray hairs are the glory of old men. 30 Bruises and contusions befall bad men, and plagues shall come in the inward parts of their belly.