Psalms 89:38-45

Bishops(i) 38 (89:37) But thou hast abhorred & forsake thine annoynted: & art sore displeased at him 39 (89:38) Thou hast broken the couenaunt of thy seruaunt: thou hast disgraced his crowne, [castyng it] on the grounde 40 (89:39) Thou hast ouerthrowe all his walles: and broken downe his strong holdes 41 (89:40) All they that go by the way spoyle hym: he is become a rebuke vnto his neyghbours 42 (89:41) Thou hast exalted the ryght hande of his enemies: and made all his aduersaries to reioyce 43 (89:42) Thou hast turned the harde edge of his sworde: and thou hast not lifted him vp in the battayle 44 (89:43) Thou hast brought his noble estate to an ende: and hast cast his throne downe to the grounde 45 (89:44) Thou hast shortened the dayes of his youth: and thou hast couered him with shame. Selah