Psalms 89:38-45

Coverdale(i) 38 He shal stonde fast for euermore as the Moone, and as the faithfull witnesse in heauen. 39 Sela. But now thou forsakest and abhorrest thyne anoynted, and art displeased at him. 40 Thou hast turned backe the couenaunt of thy seruaunt, and cast his crowne to the grounde. 41 Thou hast ouerthrowne all his hedges, and broke downe his stronge holdes. 42 Al they that go by, spoyle him, he is become a rebuke vnto his neghbours. 43 Thou settest vp the right hade of his enemies, and makest all his aduersaryes to reioyse. 44 Thou hast taken awaye the strength of his swerde, and geuest him not victory in the battayll. 45 Thou hast put out his glory, and cast his Trone downe to the grounde.