Psalms 89:38-45

  38 H2186 But you have cast off H3988 and abhorred, H5674 you have been angry H4899 with your anointed.
  39 H5010 You have made void H1285 the covenant H5650 of your servant: H2490 you have profaned H5145 his crown H776 by casting it to the ground.
  40 H6555 You have broken down H1448 all his hedges; H7760 you have brought H4013 his strong holds H4288 to ruin.
  41 H5674 All that pass by H1870 the way H8155 plunder H2781 him: he is a reproach H7934 to his neighbors.
  42 H7311 You have set up H3225 the right hand H6862 of his adversaries; H341 you have made all his enemies H8055 to rejoice.
  43 H7725 You have also turned H6697 the edge H2719 of his sword, H6965 and have not made him to stand H4421 in the battle.
  44 H2892 You have made his glory H7673 to cease, H4048 and cast H3678 his throne H4048 down H776 to the ground.
  45 H3117 The days H5934 of his youth H7114 have you shortened: H5844 you have covered H955 him with shame. H5542 Selah.