Hebrews 12:22-24

  22 G4334 But you are come G3735 to mount G4622 Sion, G4172 and to the city G2198 of the living G2316 God, G2032 the heavenly G2419 Jerusalem, G3461 and to an innumerable G3461 company G32 of angels,
  23 G3831 To the general G3831 assembly G1577 and church G4416 of the firstborn, G583 which are written G3772 in heaven, G2316 and to God G2923 the Judge G3956 of all, G4151 and to the spirits G1342 of just G5048 men made G5048 perfect,
  24 G2424 And to Jesus G3316 the mediator G3501 of the new G1242 covenant, G129 and to the blood G4473 of sprinkling, G2980 that speaks G2909 better G3844 things than G6 that of Abel.