Exodus 27:1-8

  1 H6213 And you shall make H4196 an altar H7848 of shittim H6086 wood, H2568 five H520 cubits H753 long, H2568 and five H520 cubits H7341 broad; H4196 the altar H7251 shall be foursquare: H6967 and the height H7969 thereof shall be three H520 cubits.
  2 H6213 And you shall make H7161 the horns H702 of it on the four H6438 corners H7161 thereof: his horns H6823 shall be of the same: and you shall overlay H5178 it with brass.
  3 H6213 And you shall make H5518 his pans H1878 to receive H1878 his ashes, H3257 and his shovels, H4219 and his basins, H4207 and his meat hooks, H4289 and his fire pans: H3605 all H3627 the vessels H6213 thereof you shall make H5178 of brass.
  4 H6213 And you shall make H4345 for it a grate H4639 of network H7568 H5178 of brass; H7568 and on the net H6213 shall you make H702 four H5178 brazen H2885 rings H702 in the four H7098 corners thereof.
  5 H5414 And you shall put H8478 it under H3749 the compass H4196 of the altar H4295 beneath, H7568 that the net H2677 may be even to the middle H4196 of the altar.
  6 H6213 And you shall make H905 staves H4196 for the altar, H905 staves H7848 of shittim H6086 wood, H6823 and overlay H5178 them with brass.
  7 H905 And the staves H935 shall be put H2885 into the rings, H905 and the staves H8147 shall be on the two H6763 sides H4196 of the altar, H5375 to bear it.
  8 H5014 Hollow H3871 with boards H6213 shall you make H7200 it: as it was showed H2022 you in the mount, H3651 so H6213 shall they make it.