H2885 טבּעת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2883; properly a seal (as sunk into the wax), that is, signet (for sealing); hence (generically) a ring of any kind

KJV Usage: ring.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. ring, signet, signet ring
a. signet ring (as symbol of authority)
b. ring (as ornament)
Origin: from H2883
TWOT: 789a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) ring, signet, signet ring
1a) signet ring (as symbol of authority)
1b) ring (as ornament)

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First 30 of 38 occurrences of H2885 טבּעת

Genesis 41:42 his ring
Exodus 25:12 rings
Exodus 25:12 rings
Exodus 25:12 rings
Exodus 25:14 into the rings
Exodus 25:15 in the rings
Exodus 25:26 rings
Exodus 25:26 the rings
Exodus 25:27 shall the rings
Exodus 26:24 ring:
Exodus 26:29 their rings
Exodus 27:4 rings
Exodus 27:7 into the rings,
Exodus 28:23 rings
Exodus 28:23 rings
Exodus 28:24 rings
Exodus 28:26 rings
Exodus 28:27 other rings
Exodus 28:28 by its rings
Exodus 28:28 to the rings
Exodus 30:4 rings
Exodus 35:22 and rings,
Exodus 36:29 ring:
Exodus 36:34 their rings
Exodus 37:3 rings
Exodus 37:3 rings
Exodus 37:3 rings
Exodus 37:5 into the rings
Exodus 37:13 rings
Exodus 37:13 the rings

Distinct usage

19 rings
3 into the rings
3 ring:
2 his ring
2 the rings
2 their rings
2 by its rings
2 to the rings
2 rings,
2 ring,
1 in the rings
1 shall the rings
1 into the rings,
1 other rings
1 and rings,
1 were the rings,
1 rings;
1 ring.
1 his ring,
1 The rings,

Corresponding Greek Words

tabaat G1146 daktulios

Related words

H2885 טבּעת

H2884 טבּעות ṭabbâ‛ôth
Plural of H2885; rings; Tabbaoth, one of the Nethinim

KJV Usage: Tabbaoth.

H2883 טבע ṭâba‛

A primitive root; to sink

KJV Usage: drown, fasten, settle, sink.