Numbers 8:19

  19 G2532 And G591 I gave back G3588 the G* Levites G593.1 as a gift, G591 recompensing G* Aaron G2532 and G3588 to G5207 his sons G1473   G1537 from out of G3319 the midst G3588 of the G5207 sons G* of Israel, G2038 to work G3588 the G2041 works G3588 of the G5207 sons G* of Israel G1722 in G3588 the G4633 tent G3588 of the G3142 testimony, G2532 and G1837.2 to atone G4012 for G3588 the G5207 sons G* of Israel; G2532 and that G3756 [2shall not be G1510.8.3   G1722 3among G3588 4the G5207 5sons G* 6of Israel G4127 1a calamity] G3752 whenever G4331 drawing near G4314 to G3588 the G39 holy things .