Deuteronomy 16:3

  3 G3756 You shall not G2068 eat G1909 it with G1473   G2219 yeast; G2033 seven G2250 days G2068 you shall eat G1909 it with G1473   G106 unleavened breads, G740 bread G2561 of affliction; G3754 for G1722 in G4710 haste G1831 you came forth G1537 from out of G* Egypt G3571 at night; G2443 that G3403 you should remember G3588 the G2250 day G3588   G1840.3 of your departure G1473   G1537 from out of G1093 the land G* of Egypt G3956 all G3588 the G2250 days G3588   G2222 of your life. G1473