2 Samuel 15:34

  34 G1437 If G1519 into G3588 the G4172 city G390 you should return, G2532 then G2046 you shall say G3588   G* to Absalom, G3816 [2your servant G1473   G1510.2.1 1I am], G935 O king, G1439 allow G1473 me G2198 to live! G3816 [2a servant G3588   G3962 3of your father G1473   G1510.7.1 1 for I was] G5119 then G2532 and G739.1 just now, G2532 and G3568 now G1473 I am G1401 your servant. G1473   G2532 And by saying this G1286.1 efface G1473 to me G3588 the G1012 counsel G* of Ahithophel!