Wisdom of Solomon 10:13

LXX_WH(i) 13 αὕτη πραθέντα δίκαιον οὐκ ἐγκατέλιπεν ἀλλὰ ἐξ ἁμαρτίας ἐρρύσατο αὐτόν
Clementine_Vulgate(i) 13 Hæc venditum justum non dereliquit, sed a peccatoribus liberavit eum; descenditque cum illo in foveam,
Wycliffe(i) 13 This wisdom forsook not a iust man seeld, but delyuerede hym fro synneris;
Geneva(i) 13 When the righteous was solde, she forsooke him not, but deliuered him from sinne: she went downe with him into the dungeon,
Bishops(i) 13 When the ryghteous was solde, she forsoke hym not, but delyuered hym from sinne: She went downe with hym into the dungeon,
DouayRheims(i) 13 She forsook not the just when he was sold, but delivered him from sinners: she went down with him into the pit.
KJV(i) 13

When the righteous was sold, she forsook him not, but delivered him from sin: she went down with him into the pit,