G3008 λειτουργέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to serve public offices at one's own cost
I minister, serve publicly
I act in the public service, render service, minister, in the widest sense, of some special public religious service, but also of the service of priests and Levites.
to be a public servant, i.e. (by analogy) to perform religious or charitable functions (worship, obey, relieve)
Derivation: from G3011;

KJV Usage: minister.

to minister
λειτουργέω, -ῶ
(< λειτουργός), [in LXX chiefly for שָׁרַת pi., also for עָבַד, צָבָא, etc. ;]
__1. in cl., at Athens, to supply public offices at one's own cost, render public service to the State, hence, generally,
__2. to serve the State, do a service, serve (of service to the Gods, Diod., i, 21): of the official service of priests and Levites (
Refs Exo.29:30, Num.16:9, Sir.4:14, 1Ma.10:42, al.
; cf. Deiss., BS, 140 f.), Heb.10:11; of Christians: with dative of person(s) before ἐν, Rom.15:27 (cf. Sir.10:25); τ. κυρίῳ, Act.13:2.†
SYN.: λατρεύω (which see), prop., to serve for hire, LXX (as some­times in cl.), always of service to the deity on the part of both priests and people (
Refs Exo.4:3, Deu.10:12
, and similarly in NT). λειτουργέω "is the fulfilment of an office: it has a definite representative character, and corresponds with a function to be discharged". It is therefore used of serving in an office or ministry: in LXX always of priests and Levites, in NT, with its cognates (
Refs Rom.13:6 15:27
, are not really exceptions), of services rendered either to God or man by apostles, prophets, teachers, and other officers of the church (cf. Tr., Syn., § xxxv; ICC on Rom.1:9; Westc., He., 232 ff.) (AS)
1) to serve the state at one's own cost
1a) to assume an office which must be administered at one's own expense
1b) to discharge a public office at one's own cost
1c) to render public service to the state
2) to do a service, perform a work
2a) of priests and Levites who were busied with the sacred rites in the tabernacle or the temple
2b) of Christians serving Christ, whether by prayer, or by instructing others concerning the way of salvation, or in some other way
2c) of those who aid others with their resources, and relieve their poverty

From G3011; to be a public servant, that is, (by analogy) to perform religious or charitable functions (worship, obey, relieve)

KJV Usage: minister.

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3 occurrences of G3008 λειτουργέω

Acts 13:2 ministered
Romans 15:27 to minister
Hebrews 10:11 ministering

Distinct usage

1 ministered
1 to minister
1 ministering

Corresponding Hebrew Words

leitourgeo H3547 kahan pi.
leitourgeo H5647 avad
leitourgeo H6633 tsava verb;subst
leitourgeo H8120 shemash pa.
leitourgeo H8334 sharat pi.

Related words

G3008 λειτουργέω

G3009 λειτουργία
From G3008; public function (as priest [“liturgy” ] or almsgiver)

KJV Usage: ministration (-try), service.

G3010 λειτουργικός
From the same as G3008; functional publicly (“liturgic”), that is, beneficent

KJV Usage: ministering.

G3011 λειτουργός

From a derivative of G2992 and G2041; a public servant, that is, a functionary in the Temple or Gospel, or (generally) a worshipper (of God) or benefactor (of man)

KJV Usage: minister (-ed).