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Ezra 4:15 (Webster_Strongs)
  15 H1240 [H8741] That search H5609 may be made in the book H1799 of the records H2 of thy fathers H7912 [H8681] : so shalt thou find H5609 in the book H1799 of the records H3046 [H8748] , and know H1791 that this H7149 city H4779 is a rebellious H7149 city H5142 [H8683] , and hurtful H4430 to kings H4083 and provinces H5648 [H8751] , and that they have moved H849 sedition H1459 within the same H4481 from of H5957 H3118 old H5922 : for H1836 which H1791 cause was this H7149 city H2718 [H8717] destroyed.
Ezra 6:3 (Webster_Strongs)
  3 H2298 In the first H8140 year H3567 of Cyrus H4430 the king H3567 the same Cyrus H4430 the king H7761 [H8754] made H2942 a decree H1005 concerning the house H426 of God H3390 at Jerusalem H1005 , Let the house H1124 [H8731] be built H870 , the place H1684 [H8751] where they offered H1685 sacrifices H787 , and let the foundations H5446 [H8775] of it be strongly laid H7314 ; the height H8361 of it sixty H521 cubits H6613 , and the breadth H8361 of it sixty H521 cubits;
Daniel 3:15 (Webster_Strongs)
  15 H3705 Now H2006 if H383 ye be H6263 ready H5732 that at what time H8086 [H8748] ye hear H7032 the sound H7162 of the cornet H4953 , flute H7030 H7030 [H8675] , harp H5443 , sackbut H6460 , psaltery H5481 , and dulcimer H3606 , and all H2178 kinds H2170 of music H5308 [H8748] , ye fall down H5457 [H8748] and worship H6755 the image H5648 [H8754] which I have made H2006 ; well: but if H5457 [H8748] ye worship H3809 not H7412 [H8729] , ye shall be cast H8160 the same hour H1459 into the midst H3345 [H8751] of a burning H5135 fiery H861 furnace H4479 ; and who H426 is that God H7804 [H8755] that shall deliver H4481 you out of H3028 my hands?
Daniel 3:26 (Webster_Strongs)
  26 H116 Then H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H7127 [H8754] came near H8651 to the mouth H3345 [H8751] of the burning H5135 fiery H861 furnace H6032 [H8750] , and spoke H560 [H8750] , and said H7715 , Shadrach H4336 , Meshach H5665 , and Abednego H5649 , ye servants H5943 of the most high H426 God H5312 [H8747] , come forth H858 [H8747] , and come H116 here. Then H7715 Shadrach H4336 , Meshach H5665 , and Abednego H5312 [H8750] , came forth H4481 from H1459 the midst H5135 of the fire.
Daniel 3:27 (Webster_Strongs)
  27 H324 And the princes H5460 , governors H6347 , and captains H4430 , and the king's H1907 counsellors H3673 [H8723] , being gathered together H2370 [H8751] , saw H479 these H1400 men H1655 , upon whose bodies H5135 the fire H3809 had no H7981 [H8754] power H3809 , nor H8177 was an hair H7217 of their head H2761 [H8724] singed H3809 , neither H5622 were their coats H8133 [H8754] changed H3809 , nor H7382 had the smell H5135 of fire H5709 [H8754] passed upon them.