H5308 נפל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ne phal
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5307

KJV Usage: fall (down), have occasion.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to fall
a. (P'al)
1. to fall
2. to fall down
Origin: corresponding to H5307
TWOT: 2867
Parts of Speech: Verb

to fall
1) to fall
1a) (P'al)
1a1) to fall
1a2) to fall down

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13 occurrences of H5308 נפל

Ezra 7:20 which thou shalt have occasion
Daniel 2:46 fell
Daniel 3:5 ye fall down
Daniel 3:6 falleth
Daniel 3:6 down
Daniel 3:7 fell down
Daniel 3:10 shall fall down
Daniel 3:11 falleth
Daniel 3:11 down
Daniel 3:15 ye fall down
Daniel 3:23 fell down
Daniel 4:31 there fell
Daniel 7:20 fell;

Distinct usage

2 ye fall down
2 falleth
2 down
2 fell down
1 which thou shalt have occasion
1 fell
1 shall fall down
1 there fell
1 fell;

Corresponding Greek Words

nephal G1621 ek tinasso
nephal G5316 phaino

Related words

H5308 נפל

H5307 נפל nâphal

A primitive root; to fall, in a great variety of applications (intransitively or causatively, literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: be accepted, cast (down, self, [lots], out), cease, die, divide (by lot), (let) fail, (cause to, let, make, ready to) fall (away, down, -en, -ing), fell (-ing), fugitive, have [inheritamce], inferior, be judged [by mistake for H6419], lay (along), (cause to) lie down, light (down), be (X hast) lost, lying, overthrow, overwhelm, perish, present (-ed, -ing), (make to) rot, slay, smite out, X surely, throw down.

H4651 מפּל mappâl
From H5307; a falling off, that is, chaff; also something pendulous, that is, a flap

KJV Usage: flake, refuse.

H4654 מפּלה מפּלה mappâlâh mappêlâh
מפּלה מפּלה
mappâlâh mappêlâh
map-paw-law', map-pay-law'
From H5307; something fallen, that is, a ruin

KJV Usage: ruin (-ous).

H4658 מפּלת mappeleth
From H5307; fall, that is, decadence; concretely a ruin; specifically a carcase

KJV Usage: carcase, fall, ruin.

H5303 נפל נפיל ne phı̂yl ne phil
נפל נפיל
ne phı̂yl ne phil
nef-eel', nef-eel'
From H5307; properly, a feller, that is, a bully or tyrant

KJV Usage: giant.

H5309 נפל נפל nephel nêphel
נפל נפל
nephel nêphel
neh'-fel, nay'-fel
From H5307; something fallen, that is, an abortion

KJV Usage: untimely birth.