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Nehemiah 8:10 (IHOT)
  10 H559 ויאמר Then he said H1980 להם לכו unto them, Go H398 אכלו your way, eat H4924 משׁמנים the fat, H8354 ושׁתו and drink H4477 ממתקים the sweet, H7971 ושׁלחו and send H4490 מנות portions H369 לאין unto them for whom nothing H3559 נכון is prepared: H3588 לו כי for H6918 קדושׁ holy H3117 היום day H136 לאדנינו   H408 ואל neither H6087 תעצבו be ye sorry; H3588 כי for H2304 חדות the joy H3068 יהוה of the LORD H1931 היא   H4581 מעזכם׃ is your strength.
Psalms 78:31 (IHOT)
  31 H639 ואף The wrath H430 אלהים of God H5927 עלה came H2026 בהם ויהרג upon them, and slew H4924 במשׁמניהם the fattest H970 ובחורי the chosen H3478 ישׂראל of Israel. H3766 הכריע׃ of them, and smote down
Isaiah 10:16 (IHOT)
  16 H3651 לכן Therefore H7971 ישׁלח send H113 האדון shall the Lord, H3068 יהוה the Lord H6635 צבאות of hosts, H4924 במשׁמניו among his fat ones H7332 רזון leanness; H8478 ותחת and under H3519 כבדו his glory H3344 יקד he shall kindle H3350 יקד a burning H3350 כיקוד like the burning H784 אשׁ׃ of a fire.
Isaiah 17:4 (IHOT)
  4 H1961 והיה it shall come to pass, H3117 ביום day H1931 ההוא And in that H1809 ידל shall be made thin, H3519 כבוד the glory H3290 יעקב of Jacob H4924 ומשׁמן and the fatness H1320 בשׂרו of his flesh H7329 ירזה׃ shall wax lean.
Daniel 11:24 (IHOT)
  24 H7962 בשׁלוה peaceably H4924 ובמשׁמני even upon the fattest places H4082 מדינה of the province; H935 יבוא He shall enter H6213 ועשׂה and he shall do H834 אשׁר which H3808 לא have not H6213 עשׂו done, H1 אבתיו his fathers H1 ואבות nor his fathers' H1 אבתיו fathers; H961 בזה among them the prey, H7998 ושׁלל and spoil, H7399 ורכושׁ and riches: H1992 להם   H967 יבזור he shall scatter H5921 ועל against H4013 מבצרים the strongholds, H2803 יחשׁב and he shall forecast H4284 מחשׁבתיו his devices H5704 ועד even for H6256 עת׃ a time.