Genesis 24:16 Cross References - new

  16 H5291 And the damsel H3966 was very H2896 fair H4758 to look upon, H1330 a virgin, H376 neither had any man H3045 [H8804] known H3381 [H8799] her: and she went down H5869 to the well, H4390 [H8762] and filled H3537 her pitcher, H5927 [H8799] and came up.

Genesis 4:1

  1 H120 And Adam H3045 H853 [H8804] knew H2332 Eve H802 his wife; H2029 [H8799] and she conceived, H3205 H853 [H8799] and bore H7014 Cain, H559 [H8799] and said, H7069 [H8804] I have gotten H376 a man H854 from H3068 the LORD.

Genesis 26:7

  7 H582 And the men H4725 of the place H7592 [H8799] asked H802 him of his wife; H559 [H8799] and he said, H269 She is my sister: H3372 [H8804] for he feared H559 [H8800] to say, H802 She is my wife; H582 lest, said he, the men H4725 of the place H2026 [H8799] should kill H7259 me for Rebekah; H2896 because she was fair H4758 to look upon.

Genesis 39:6

  6 H5800 [H8799] And he left H3130 all that he had in Joseph's H3027 hand; H3045 [H8804] and he did not concern H3972 himself with any thing H518 he had, except H3899 the bread H398 [H8802] which he ate. H3130 And Joseph H8389 was a handsome H3303 person, and well H4758 favoured.

Numbers 31:17-18

  17 H2026 [H8798] Now therefore kill H2145 every male H2945 among the little ones, H2026 [H8798] and kill H802 every woman H3045 [H8802] that hath known H376 man H4904 by lying H2145 with him.
  18 H802 H2945 But all the girls, H3045 [H8804] that have not known H2145 a man H4904 by lying H2421 [H8685] with him, keep alive for yourselves.

Song of Songs 5:2

  2 H3463 I sleep, H3820 but my heart H5782 [H8802] waketh: H6963 it is the voice H1730 of my beloved H1849 [H8802] that knocketh, H6605 [H8798] saying, Open H269 to me, my sister, H7474 my love, H3123 my dove, H8535 my undefiled: H7218 for my head H4390 [H8738] is filled H2919 with dew, H6977 and my locks H7447 with the drops H3915 of the night.
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