Leviticus 6:23 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  23 H4503 For every meat offering H3548 for the priest H3632 shall be wholly burnt H398 : it shall not be eaten [H8735]  .

Leviticus 2:10

  10 H3498 And that which is left [H8737]   H4503 of the meat offering H175 shall be Aaron's H1121 and his sons H6944 ': it is a thing most H6944 holy H801 of the offerings H3068 of the LORD H801 made by fire.

Leviticus 6:16-17

  16 H3498 And the remainder [H8737]   H175 thereof shall Aaron H1121 and his sons H398 eat [H8799]   H4682 : with unleavened bread H398 shall it be eaten [H8735]   H6918 in the holy H4725 place H2691 ; in the court H168 of the tabernacle H4150 of the congregation H398 they shall eat [H8799]   it.
  17 H644 It shall not be baken [H8735]   H2557 with leaven H5414 . I have given [H8804]   H2506 it unto them for their portion H801 of my offerings made by fire H6944 ; it is most H6944 holy H2403 , as is the sin offering H817 , and as the trespass offering.

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