Numbers 3:36 Cross References - Coverdale

36 And their office shalbe to kepe the bordes, and barres, and pilers, and sokettes of the Habitacion, and all the apparell therof and that serueth therto:

Exodus 26:15-29

15 Thou shalt make bordes also for the habitacion, of Fyrre tre, which shall stonde: 16 one borde shalbe ten cubytes longe, & a cubyte & a half brode. 17 Two fete shal one borde haue, that one maye be set by the other. Thus shalt thou make all the bordes for ye Tabernacle: 18 Twentye of them shal stode towarde the south, 19 which shal haue fourtye sokettes of syluer vnder them, two sokettes vnder euery borde for his two fete. 20 Likewyse vpon the other syde towarde the north there shall stonde twentye bordes also, 21 and fourtye sokettes of syluer, two sokettes vnder euery borde. 22 But behynde the habitacion towarde ye west thou shalt make sixe bordes, 23 and two bordes mo for the two corners of the habitacion, 24 that euery one of them both maye be coupled from vnder vp with his corner borde, and aboue vpon the heade to come eauen together with a clape: 25 so that there be eight bordes with their syluer sokettes, wherof there shalbe sixtene, two vnder euery borde. 26 And thou shalt make barres of fyrre tre, fyue for the bordes vpon the one syde of the Tabernacle, and fyue for the bordes vpon the other syde of the Tabernacle, 27 and fyue for the bordes behinde ye Tabernacle towarde the west. 28 And the barres shalt thou shute thorow ye myddest of the bordes, and faste alltogether from ye one corner to ye other. 29 And thou shalt ouerlaye the bordes wt golde, and make their rynges of golde, that the barres maye be put therin. And the barres shalt thou ouerlaye with golde,

Exodus 26:32

32 and shalt hange it vpon foure pilers of Fyrre tre which are ouerlayed with golde, hauynge knoppes of golde, and foure sokettes of syluer.

Exodus 26:37

37 And for the same hanginge thou shalt make fyue pilers of Fyrre tre, ouerlayed with golde, with knoppes of golde. And shalt cast fyue sokettes of brasse for them.

Exodus 27:9-19

9 And to ye habitacion thou shalt make a courte, an hangynge of whyte twyned sylke: vpo ye one syde an C. cubytes loge towarde the south, 10 & xx. pilers vpon xx. brasen sokettes, & the knoppes wt their whopes of syluer. 11 Likewyse vpon ye north syde there shalbe an hanginge of an C. cubytes loge, twenty pilers vpon twenty brasen sokettes, and their knoppes wt their whopes of syluer. 12 But vpon the west syde the bredth of ye courte shal haue an hanginge of fiftie cubites longe, & ten pilers vpon ten sokettes. 13 Vpo the east syde also shal the bredth of the courte haue fiftie cubytes, 14 so that the hangynge haue vpon one syde fyftene cubites, and thre pilers vpo thre sokettes: 15 And vpon ye other syde fiftene cubytes also, and thre pilers vpo thre sokettes. 16 And in the courte gate there shalbe an hangynge twenty cubytes brode, of yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, and whyte twyned sylke, wrought with nedle worke, and foure pilers vpon their foure sokettes. 17 All the pilers rounde aboute the courte shall haue syluer whopes, & syluer knoppes, & sokettes of brasse. 18 And the length of ye courte shal be an hudreth cubytes, the bredth fiftie cubytes, the heygth fyue cubytes, of whyte twyned sylke and ye sokettes therof shalbe of brasse. 19 All ye vessels also of the habitacion to all maner seruyce, and all the nales of it, and all the nales of the courte shalbe of brasse.

Exodus 35:11

11 namely,the Habitacion with the tent & couerynge therof, the rynges, bordes, barres, pilers & sokettes:

Exodus 35:18

18 The nales of the habitacion and of ye courte with their coardes:

Exodus 36:20-34

20 And made stondinge bordes for the Habitacion, of Fyrre tre, 21 euery one ten cubytes longe, and a cubyte and a half brode, 22 & two fete vnto euery one, wherby one might be ioyned to another: 23 that on the south syde there stode twentye of the same bordes: 24 and made fourtye syluer sokettes there vnder, vnder euery borde two sokettes for his two fete. 25 In like maner for the other syde of the Habitacion towarde the north, he made twentye bordes 26 also with fourtye syluer sokettes, vnder euery borde two sokettes: 27 But behynde the Habitacion vpon the west syde, he made sixe bordes, 28 and two other for the corners of the Habitacion behynde, 29 that either of them both might be ioyned with his corner borde from vnder vp, and aboue vpon the heade to come together with a clampe: 30 so that there were eight bordes, and sixtene sokettes of syluer, vnder euery one two sokettes. 31 And he made barres of Fyrre tre, fyue for the bordes vpon the one syde of the Habitacion, 32 and fyue vpon the other syde, and fyue behynde towarde the west: 33 and made the barres to shute thorow the bordes, from the one ende to the other, 34 and euerlayde the bordes with golde. But their rynges made he of golde for the barres, and ouerlayde ye barres with golde.

Exodus 36:36

36 And made for the same, foure pilers of Fyrretre, and ouerlayed them with golde, and their knoppes of golde, and cast foure sokettes of syluer for them.

Exodus 38:17-20

17 and the sokettes of the pilers were of brasse, & their knoppes and whoopes of syluer: their heades were ouerlayed wt syluer, & all the pilers of the courte were whooped aboute with syluer. 18 And the hangynge in ye courte gate made he wt nedle worke, of yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke, twentye cubytes longe, & fyue cubytes hye, after the measure of the hanginges of the courte: 19 foure pilers also therto, & foure sokettes of brasse, and their knoppes of syluer, and their heades ouerlayed, and their whoopes of syluer. 20 And all the nales of the Habitacion and of the courte rounde aboute, were of brasse.

Exodus 39:33

33 & brought the Habitacion vnto Moses: the Tabernacle & all the apparell therof, the buttons, bordes, barres, pilers, sokettes,

Numbers 4:29-33

29 The children of Merari after their kynred and fathers house, shalt thou appoynte also, 30 from thirtie yeare and aboue, vnto fiftie yeare, all that are mete for the warre, yt they maye haue an office in the Tabernacle of wytnesse. 31 But vpon this charge shall they wayte acordinge to all their office in ye Tabernacle of witnesse, that they beare the bordes of the Habitacion, and the barres, and pilers, and sokettes: 32 the pilers of the courte also rounde aboute, and the sokettes and nales and cordes, with all their apparell, acordynge to all their seruyce. And vnto euery one shall ye appoynte his porcion of charge to waite vpon the apparell. 33 Let this be the office of the kynred of the children of Merari, all that they shall do in the Tabernacle of wytnesse vnder the hande of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the prest.

Numbers 7:8

8 and foure charettes and eight oxen gaue he vnto the children of Merari acordinge to their office, vnder the hande of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the prest.

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