Exodus 36:20-34

Coverdale(i) 20 And made stondinge bordes for the Habitacion, of Fyrre tre, 21 euery one ten cubytes longe, and a cubyte and a half brode, 22 & two fete vnto euery one, wherby one might be ioyned to another: 23 that on the south syde there stode twentye of the same bordes: 24 and made fourtye syluer sokettes there vnder, vnder euery borde two sokettes for his two fete. 25 In like maner for the other syde of the Habitacion towarde the north, he made twentye bordes 26 also with fourtye syluer sokettes, vnder euery borde two sokettes: 27 But behynde the Habitacion vpon the west syde, he made sixe bordes, 28 and two other for the corners of the Habitacion behynde, 29 that either of them both might be ioyned with his corner borde from vnder vp, and aboue vpon the heade to come together with a clampe: 30 so that there were eight bordes, and sixtene sokettes of syluer, vnder euery one two sokettes. 31 And he made barres of Fyrre tre, fyue for the bordes vpon the one syde of the Habitacion, 32 and fyue vpon the other syde, and fyue behynde towarde the west: 33 and made the barres to shute thorow the bordes, from the one ende to the other, 34 and euerlayde the bordes with golde. But their rynges made he of golde for the barres, and ouerlayde ye barres with golde.