Numbers 16

Tyndale(i) 1 And Corah the sonne of Iezehar the sonne of Cahath the sonne of Leui: and Dathan and Abiram the sonne of Eliab and On the sonne of Peleth the sonne of Ruben: 2 stode vpp before Moses with other of the childern of Israel .ij. hundred and fyftie heedes of the congregacion and councelers and men of fame 3 and they gathered the selues together agenst Moses and Aaron and sayed vnto them: ye haue done ynough. For all the multitude are holy euery one of them and the Lorde is amonge them. Why therfore heue ye youre selues vpp aboue the congregacion of the Lorde. 4 When Moses herde it he fell apon his face 5 and spake vnto Corah and vnto all his companye sayenge: tomorow the Lorde will shewe who is his and who is holy and will take them vnto him and whom so euer he hath chosen he will cause to come to him. 6 This doo: take fyrepannes thou Corah and all the companye 7 and do fyre therein ad put ces thereto before the Lorde tomorowe: And then whom soeuer the Lorde doeth chose the same is holy. Ye make ynough to doo ye childern of Leui. 8 And Moses sayed vnto Corah: heare ye childern of leui 9 Semeth it but a small thynge vnto you that ye God of Israel hath separated you fro the multitude of Israel to brynge you to him to doo the seruyce of the dwellynge place of the Lorde and to stonde before the people to minystre vnto them? 10 he hath taken the to him and all thi brethern the sonnes of leui with the and ye seke the office of ye preast also. 11 For which cause both thou and all thi companye are gathered together agenst the Lorde: for what is Aaron that ye shulde murmure agenst him. 12 And Moses sent to call Dathan ad Abiram the sonnes of Eliab and they answered: we will not come. 13 Semeth it a small thynge vnto the that thou hast broughte us out of a londe that floweth with mylke and honye to kyll us in ye wildernesse. But that thou shuldest reygne ouer us also? 14 More ouer thou hast broughte us vnto no londe that floweth with mylke and honye nether hast geuen us possessions of feldes or of vynes. Ether wilt thou pull out the eyes of these men? we wyll not come. 15 And Moses waxed very angrye and sayed vnto the Lorde: Turne not vnto their offerynges. I haue not taken so moch as an asse from them nether haue vexed any of them. 16 Then Moses sayed vnto Corah: Be thou ad all thy companye before the Lorde: both thou they and Aaron to morowe. 17 And take euery man his censer and put cens in them and come before the Lorde euery man with hys censer: two hundred and fyftie censers and Aaron with his censer. 18 And they toke euery man his censer and put fyre in them and layed cens thereon and stode in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse and Moses and Aaron also. 19 And Corah gathered all the congregacyon agenst them vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.And the glorye of the Lorde appered vnto all the congregacion. 20 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron sayenge: 21 separate youre selues from this congregacion that I maye consume them at once. 22 And they fell apon their faces and sayed: O most myghtie God of the spirites of all fleshe one ma hath synned and wilt thou be wroth with all the multitude? 23 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 24 speake vnto the congregacion and saye: Gett you awaye from aboute the dwellynge of Corah Dathan and Abiram. 25 And Moses rose vpp and went vnto Dathan and Abira and the elders of Israel folowed him. 26 And he spake vnto the congregacyon sayenge: departe from the tentes of these weked men and twyche nothinge of theres: lest ye peryshe in all there synnes. 27 And they gate them from the dwellynge of Corah Dathan and Abiram on euery syde. And Dathan and Abiram came out and stode in ye dore of there tetes with their wyues their sonnes and their childern. 28 And Moses sayed: Hereby ye shall knowe that the Lorde hath sent me to doo all these workes and that I haue not done them of myne awne mynde: 29 Yf these men dye the comon deth of all men or yf they be visyted after the visitacion of all men then the Lorde hath not sent me. 30 But and yf the Lorde make a newe thinge and the erth open hir mouthe and swalowe them and all that pertayne vnto them so that they goo doune quycke in to hell: then ye shall vnderstod that these me haue rayled apon the Lorde. 31 And as soone as he had made an ende of speakynge all these wordes the grounde cloue asunder that was vnder them 32 and ye erth opened hir mouthe and swalowed them and their housses and all the me that were with Corah and all their goodes. 33 And they and all that pertayned vnto them went doune alyue vnto hell and the erthe closed apon them and they peryshed from amonge the congregacyon. 34 And all Israel that were aboute them fledde at the crye of them. For they sayed: The erthe myghte happelye swalowe vs also. 35 And there came oute a fyre from the Lorde and consumed the two hundred and fyftye men that offred cens. 36 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 37 Speake vnto Eleazer the sonne of Aaron the preaste and let him take vppe the censers oute of the burnynge and scater the fyre here and there for 38 the censers of these synners are halowed in theyr deethes: and let them be beten in to thyne places and fastened apon the altare. For they offred the before the Lorde and therfore they are holye and they shalbe a sygne vnto the childern of Israel. 39 And Eleazar the preast toke the brasen censers which they that were burnt had offered and bet them and fastened them vppon the altare 40 to be a remembraunce vnto the childern of Israel that no straunger whiche is not of the seed of Aaron come nere to offer cens before the Lorde that he be not made like vnto Corah and his companye: as the Lorde sayed vnto him by the hande of Moses. 41 And on the morowe all the multitude of the childern of Israell murmured agenste Moses and Aaron sayenge: ye haue kylled the people of the Lorde. 42 And when the multitude was gathered agenste Moses and Aaron they loked towarde the tabernacle of witnesse. And beholde the cloude had couered it and the glorye of the Lorde appeared. 43 And Moses and Aaron went before the tabernacle of witnesse. 44 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 45 Gett you from this congregacyon that I maye consume them quyckelye. And they fell apon theyr faces. 46 And Moses sayde vnto Aaron: take a censer and put fyre therein out of the alter and poure on cens and goo quyckly vnto the cogregacion and make an attonement for the. For there is wrath gone oute from the Lorde and there is a plage begone. 47 And Aaron toke as Moses commaunded him and ran vnto the congregacion: and beholde the plage was begone amonge the people and he put on cens and made an attonement for the people. 48 And he stode betwene the deed and them that were alyue and the plage ceased. 49 And the numbre of them that dyed in the plage were .xiiij. thousande and seuen hundred: besyde them that dyed aboute the busynes of Corah. 50 And Aaron went agayne vnto Moses vnto the dore off the tabernacle of witnesse and the plage ceased.
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