Numbers 16

Matthew(i) 1 And Corah the sonne of Iezehar the sonne of Cahath the sonne of Leui and Dathan & Abiram the sonnes of Eliab, and On, the sonne of Peleth, the sonne of Ruben: 2 stode vp before Moses, wyth other of the chyldren of Israell .ij. hundred and fyftye heades of the congregation and councelours, and men of fame, 3 and they gathered them selues togyther agaynst Moses and Aaron and sayed vnto them: ye haue done inough. For all the, multitude are holy euery one of them & the Lorde is amonge them. Why therefore heaue we our selues vp aboue the congregaon of the Lorde. 4 When Moses hearde it, he fell vpon his face 5 and spake vnto Corath and vnto al his company sayinge: to morow the Lorde wyll shewe who is hys and who is holy, and wil take theim vnto hym, and whom soeuer he hath chosen, he wyl cause to come to hym. 6 Thys do: take firepannes, thou Corah and all thy company, 7 & do fyre therin and putte cense therto before the Lorde to morrowe. And then whomsoeuer the Lorde hath chosen, the same is holy. Yea, make inough to do ye chyldren of Leuy. 8 And Moses sayed vnto Corah: heare ye chyldren of Leui, 9 Semeth it but a smal thinge vnto you, that the God of Israel hath seperated you from the multitude of Israel to brynge you to hym, to do the seruyce of the dwellynge place of the Lorde, and to stande before the people to minister vnto theim? 10 he hath taken the to him, and al thy brethren the sonnes of Leui with the, & ye seke the offyce of the priest also. 11 For which cause both thou and all thy companye are gathered togither agaynst the Lord: for what is Aaron, that ye shoul murmure agaynst him. 12 And Moses sente to call Dathan & Abiram the sonnes of Eliab, and they answered we wyl not come. 13 Semeth it a smale thynge vnto the, that thou hast brought vs out of a lande that floweth wyth mylke and hony, to kyl vs in the wyldernes. But that thou shouldest raygne ouer vs also? 14 More ouer thou haste brought vs vnto no land that floweth wyth mylke and hony, neyther haste geuen vs possessions of feldes, or of vines. Eyther wilt thou pull out the eyes of these men? we wyl not come. 15 And Moses waxed very angry and sayd vnto the Lord. Turne not vnto their offeringes, I haue not taken so much as an asse from them, neyther haue vexed any of them. 16 Then Moses said vnto Corah: Be thou and all thy company before the Lord: both thou they, and Aaron to morowe. 17 And take euery man his censer and putte cense in them, and come before the Lord euery man with his censer: two hundred and fiftye censers, and Aaron wyth hys censer. 18 And they toke euerye man his censer and put fyre in them & layed cense thereon, and stode in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, and Moses and Aaron also. 19 And Corah gathered all the congregation agaynste them vnto the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse. And the glory of the Lord appeared vnto all the congregation. 20 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron sayinge: 21 seperate your selues from thys congregation, that I may consume them at once. 22 And they fel vpon theyr faces and sayd O most myghty God of the spirites of al fleshe, one man hath sinned, and wilt thou be wroth with al the multitude? 23 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayinge, 24 speake vnto the congregation and saye: Get you awaye from aboute the dwellynge of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram. 25 And Moses rose and wente vnto Dathan and Abiram, & the elders of Israel folowed him. 26 And he spake vnto the congregation saying: depart from the tentes of these wicked men & touche nothynge of theyrs: lest ye peryshe in al theyr synnes. 27 And they gate them from the dwellynge of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram on euerye syde. And Dathan and Abiram came oute and stode in the dore of theyr tentes wyth theyr wyues, theyr sonne and theyr children. 28 And Moses sayed hereby ye shall knowe that the Lorde hath sente me, to do all these worckes, & that I haue not done them of mine own mynd: 29 If these men dye the commen death of all men, or if they be visited after the visitation of all men, then the Lorde hathe not sent me. 30 But and if the Lorde make a newe thyng, and the earth open hyr mouth & swalowe theim, and all that pertayne vnto them, so that they go downe quicke vnto hel: then ye shal vnderstand, that these men haue rayled vpon the Lord. 31 And assone as he hadde made an ende of speakyng al these wordes, the ground cloue a sunder that was vnder them, 32 and the earth opened hyr mouth and swalowed them and theyr houses, and al menne that were wyth Corah and al theyr goodes. 33 And they and all that pertained vnto them, went downe aliue vnto hell, and the earth closed vppon theim and they peryshed from amonge the congregation. 34 Ad all Israel that were aboute them fledde at the cry of them. For they said: The earth myght haply swalow vs vp also. 35 And there came out a fyre from the Lord and consumed the two hundred and fyftye men that offered cense. 36 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying: 37 Speake vnto Eleazar the sonne of Aaron the prieste and lette hym take vp the censers oute of the burnynge & scatter the fyre here and there, 38 for the censers of the synners are halowed in theyr deathes: and let them be beaten, into thyne plates and fastened vpon the alter. For they offered theim before the Lorde, and therfore they are holye and they shalbe a sygne vnto the children of Israel. 39 And Eleazar the Prieste toke the brasen censers whych they that were burnt had offered, & beate them and fastened them vpon the alter, 40 to be a remembraunce vnto the children of Israel, that no straunger which is not of the seed of Aaron, come nere to offer cense before the Lord, that he be not made lyke vnto Corah and hys companye: as the Lord sayd vnto hym by the hand of Moses. 41 And on the morrowe all the multitude of the chyldren of Israell murmured agaynste Moses and Aaron sayinge: ye haue kylled the people of the Lorde. 42 And when the multitude was gathered against Moses & Aaron thei loked toward the tabernacle of witnes. And beholde, the cloude had couered it and the glory of the Lord appeared. 43 And Moses & Aaron went before the tabernacle of wytnesse. 44 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying: 45 Get you from this congregation, that I may consume them quyckely. And they fel vpon theyr faces. 46 And Moses sayd vnto Aaron: take a censer, and put fyre therein out of the alter, and poure on cense, and go quickely vnto the congregation and make an atonement for them For there is wrath gone out from the Lord and ther is a plage begone. 47 And Aaron toke as Moses commaunded hym, and ran vnto the congregation, & beholde, the plage was begonne amonge the people, and he putt on cense, & made an atonemente for the people. 48 And he stode betwene the deade, & them that were a lyue and the plage ceased. 49 And the numbre of them that dyed in the plage, were .xiiij. thousand and seuen hundred: beside them that dyed about the busines of Corah. 50 And Aaron wente againe vnto Moses vnto the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and the plage ceased.
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