Proverbs 23:29-35

Thomson(i) 29 Who hath Woes? Who hath trouble? Who hath law suits? Who hath vexations and squabbles? Who hath Wounds with out cause? Whose are the eyes suffused with blood? 30 Are they not theirs who tarry long at wine; who frequent the places where there are revels? Be not drunk with wine; but converse with righteous men: and converse in the publick walks. 31 For if thou givest thine eyes to cups and goblets; thou wilt go about afterwards naked as a pestle: 32 and be, at last, like one swollen by the bite of a serpent; or as one stung by a basilisk. 33 When thine eyes behold a strange woman; then will thy mouth speak perversely. 34 And thou wilt lie as in the midst of the sea: and like a pilot in a mighty storm. 35 And thou wilt say, They have beaten me and I felt no pain; they insulted me and I was not sensible of it. When will it be day; that I may go and seek with whom I can have a meeting.