Proverbs 23:29-35

Wycliffe(i) 29 To whom is wo? to whos fadir is wo? to whom ben chidingis? to whom ben dichis? to whom ben woundis with out cause? to whom is puttyng out of iyen? 30 Whether not to hem, that dwellen in wyn, and studien to drynke al of cuppis? 31 Biholde thou not wyn, whanne it sparclith, whanne the colour therof schyneth in a ver. 32 It entrith swetli, but at the laste it schal bite as an eddre doith, and as a cocatrice it schal schede abrood venyms. 33 Thin iyen schulen se straunge wymmen, and thi herte schal speke weiwerd thingis. 34 And thou schalt be as a man slepinge in the myddis of the see, and as a gouernour aslepid, whanne the steere is lost. 35 And thou schalt seie, Thei beeten me, but Y hadde not sorewe; thei drowen me, and Y feelide not; whanne schal Y wake out, and Y schal fynde wynes eft?