Proverbs 23:29-35

Bishops(i) 29 Who hath wo? who hath sorowe? who hath strife? who hath brawling? and who hath woundes without a cause 30 Or who hath red eyes? euen they that be euer at the wine, & seeke excesse 31 Looke not thou vpon the wine howe red it is, and what a colour it geueth in the glasse 32 It goeth downe sweetely, but at the last it byteth like a serpent, and stingeth lyke an adder 33 Thyne eyes shall beholde straunge women, and thyne heart shall vtter lewde thinges 34 Yea thou shalt be as though thou layest in the middest of the sea, or slepest vppon the top of the maste of a ship 35 They haue beaten me [shalt thou say] and I was not sicke, they haue stricken me, and I felt it not: When I am well wakened, I wil go to the drinke again