Proverbs 22

Matthew(i) 1 A good name is more worthe then greate ryches. and louyng fauoure is better then siluer and golde. 2 Whether ryches or pouerty do mete vs, it commeth al of God. 3 A wise man seith the plage and hideth him self, but the folysh go on styl and are punished. 4 The ende of lowlines and the feare of God, is riches, honour, prosperity and health. 5 Speres and snares are in the way of the froward, bot he that wyll kepe his soule, let hym fle from such. 6 If thou teachest a child in his youth what waye he shuld go, he shal not leaue it when he is old 7 The rich ruleth the pore, & the borower is seruant to the lender. 8 He that soweth wickednes shal repe sorow, & the rod of his plage shal destroy him 9 A louing eie shalbe blessed, for he geueth of his bread vnto the pore. 10 Cast out the scorneful man, & so shal strife go out wt him, yea variance & sclander shal cease. 11 Who so deliteth to be of a cleane herte and of gracious lyppes, the king shall be his frend. 12 The eies of the Lord preserue knowledge, but as for the words of the despyteful, he bringeth them to naught. 13 The slouthful body sayeth: ther is a lyon wythoute, I myghte be slayne in the strete. 14 The mouth of an harlot is a depe pyt, wherein he falleth that the Lorde is angrye wyth all. 15 Foolishnes sticketh in the herte of the lad, but the rod of correccion dryueth it awaye. 16 Who so doth a pore man wrong to increase his owne riches, geueth (commenly) vnto the rych, & at the last commeth to pouerte him selfe. 17 My sonne, bow down thine eare, and herken vnto the wordes of wysdome, applye thy mynde vnto my doctryne: 18 for it is a plesaunt thyng if thou kepe it in thyne hert, and practise it in thy mouth: 19 that thou mayest alwaye put thy truste in the Lorde. 20 Haue not I warned the very oft with counsel & lerning? 21 that I might shew the truth andt that thou with the verity myghtest answere them that lay any thynge agaynst the? 22 Se that thou robbe not the pore because he is weake, & oppresse not the simple in iudgment: 23 for the Lorde him selfe wyll defende their cause, and do vyolence vnto them that haue vsed vyolence. 24 Make no frendship with an angry wilful man, and kepe no company wt the furious: 25 lest thou learne hys wayes, and receaue hurte vnto thy soule. 26 Be not thou one of them that bind their hand vpon promyse, and are suerttye: for dett: 27 for if thou hast nothing to paye, he shall take awaye thy bed from vnder the. 28 Thou shalte not remoue the lande marke, which thy fore elders haue sette. 29 Seyst thou nat, that they whyche be diligent in ther busines stand before kinges and not among the simple people?