Proverbs 22

  1 H8034 A GOOD name H977 is rather to be chosen H7227 than great H6239 riches, H2896 and loving H2580 favor H3701 rather than silver H2091 and gold.
  2 H6223 The rich H7326 and poor H6298 meet H3068 together: the LORD H6213 is the maker H3605 of them all.
  3 H6175 A prudent H7200 man foresees H7451 the evil, H5641 and hides H6612 himself: but the simple H5674 pass H6064 on, and are punished.
  4 H6038 By humility H3374 and the fear H3068 of the LORD H6239 are riches, H3519 and honor, H2416 and life.
  5 H6791 Thorns H6341 and snares H1870 are in the way H6141 of the fraudulent: H8104 he that does keep H5315 his soul H7368 shall be far from them.
  6 H2596 Train H5288 up a child H1870 in the way H6310 he should go: H3588 and when H2204 he is old, H5493 he will not depart from it.
  7 H6223 The rich H4910 rules H7326 over the poor, H3867 and the borrower H5650 is servant H3867 to the lender.
  8 H2232 He that sows H5766 iniquity H7114 shall reap H205 vanity: H7626 and the rod H5678 of his anger H3615 shall fail.
  9 H2896 He that has a bountiful H5869 eye H1288 shall be blessed; H5414 for he gives H3899 of his bread H1800 to the poor.
  10 H1644 Cast H3887 out the scorner, H4066 and contention H3318 shall go H1779 out; yes, strife H7036 and reproach H7673 shall cease.
  11 H157 He that loves H2890 pureness H3820 of heart, H2580 for the grace H8193 of his lips H4428 the king H7453 shall be his friend.
  12 H5869 The eyes H3068 of the LORD H5341 preserve H1847 knowledge, H5557 and he overthrows H1697 the words H898 of the transgressor.
  13 H6102 The slothful H559 man said, H738 There is a lion H2351 without, H7523 I shall be slain H7339 in the streets.
  14 H6310 The mouth H2114 of strange H6013 women is a deep H7745 pit: H2194 he that is abhorred H3068 of the LORD H5307 shall fall H8033 therein.
  15 H200 Foolishness H7194 is bound H3820 in the heart H5288 of a child; H7626 but the rod H4148 of correction H7368 shall drive it far from him.
  16 H6231 He that oppresses H1800 the poor H7235 to increase H5414 his riches, and he that gives H6223 to the rich, H389 shall surely H4270 come to want.
  17 H5186 Bow H5186 down H241 your ear, H8085 and hear H1697 the words H2450 of the wise, H7896 and apply H3820 your heart H1847 to my knowledge.
  18 H5273 For it is a pleasant H3588 thing if H8104 you keep H990 them within H3162 you; they shall with H3559 be fitted H8193 in your lips.
  19 H4009 That your trust H3068 may be in the LORD, H3045 I have made known H3117 to you this day, H637 even to you.
  20 H3789 Have not I written H7991 to you excellent H4156 things in counsels H1847 and knowledge,
  21 H3045 That I might make you know H7189 the certainty H561 of the words H571 of truth; H7725 that you might answer H561 the words H571 of truth H7971 to them that send to you?
  22 H1497 Rob H1800 not the poor, H3588 because H1800 he is poor: H3808 neither H1792 oppress H6041 the afflicted H8179 in the gate:
  23 H3068 For the LORD H7378 will plead H7379 their cause, H6906 and spoil H5315 the soul H6906 of those that spoiled them.
  24 H408 Make no H7462 friendship H639 with an angry H1167 man; H2534 and with a furious H376 man H935 you shall not go:
  25 H6435 Lest H502 you learn H734 his ways, H3947 and get H4170 a snare H5315 to your soul.
  26 H8628 Be not you one of them that strike H3709 hands, H6148 or of them that are sureties H4859 for debts.
  27 H518 If H369 you have nothing H7999 to pay, H4100 why H3947 should he take H4904 away your bed H8478 from under you?
  28 H5253 Remove H5769 not the ancient H1366 landmark, H834 which H1 your fathers H6213 have set.
  29 H2372 See H376 you a man H4106 diligent H4399 in his business? H3320 he shall stand H6440 before H4428 kings; H3320 he shall not stand H6440 before H2823 mean men.