Numbers 3:40-43

Matthew(i) 40 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: Nombre all the fyrst borne that are males among the chyldren of Israel, from a moneth olde & aboue and take the nombre of their names. 41 And thou shalt appoynte the Leuites to me the Lorde, for all the fyrstborne amonge the chyldren of Israel, and the cattel of the Leuites for the fyrst borne of the chyldren of Israel. 42 And Moses numbred as the Lord commaunded hym, al the fyrstborne of the chyldren of Israel. 43 And all the fyrstborne males, in the summe of names, from a moneth olde and aboue, were nombred .xxij. thousande .ij. hundred and .lxxiij.