Job 4

Matthew(i) 1 Then answered Eliphas the Themanyte and said vnto him: 2 Yf we beginne to commen with the peraduenture thou wilt be dyscontent, but who can withhold him selfe from speakinge? 3 Behold, thou hast bene a teacher of manye, and hast comforted the wery handes. 4 Thy wordes haue set vp those that were fallen, thou haste refreshed the weake knees. 5 But nowe that the plage is come vpon the thou shrenkest awaye: now that it hath touched thy self, thou arte faynt harted. 6 Is not this thy feare, thy stedfastnesse, thy pacience, and the perfectnesse of thy wayes? 7 Consydre (I praye the) whoeuer peryshed beynge an innocent? Or, when were the godly destroied? 8 As I haue sene them that plowe vanity and sowe malicie reape the same. 9 With the blast of God dyd they perysh, & with the breth of his anger consumed they awaye. 10 The roarynge of the lyon, the voyce of the lyonesse, and the teeth of the lyons whelpes are broken 11 The lyon perissheth, for lacke of praye & the lyons whelpes are scatered abrode. 12 And vnto me was the worde hydde, and myne eare hathe receyued a lytell therof. 13 In the phantasyes and thoughtes of the vysyons of the nyght, when slepe cometh on men: 14 feare came vpon me and drede & made my bones to shake. 15 And when the wynd passed by before my presence it made the heares of my flesshe stande vp. 16 He stode there and I knew not his face, an ymage there was before me & there was stylnes, so that I heard thys voyce. 17 Shall man be moare iust then God? Or shall man be purer then his maker? 18 Behold there is no trust to his seruauntes, and in his aungelles hath he founde frowardnes. 19 How moche moare in them that dwell in houses of claye whose foundacion is but earth, which shalbe consumed by the Moth. 20 They shalbe smytten from the mornynge vnto the euenyng yee they shall perysh euerlastynglye, and no man thincke theron. 21 Is not their dignitie taken awaye with them, they shall dye and not in wysdome.