Isaiah 4

Matthew(i) 1 Then shall seuen wyues take holde of one man, and saye: we wil laye all oure meate and clothing together in comen, only that we may be called thy wyues, & that this shameful reprofe may be taken from vs. 2 After that tyme shall the braunche of the Lorde be bewtyfull & myghtye, & the frute of the earth shall be fayre & pleasaunte for those Israelites that shall bringe thereof. 3 Then shall the remnaunt in Syon and the remnaunte at Ierusalem be called holye: namelye all suche as are wrytten amonge the lyuynge at Ierusalem: 4 what time as the Lorde shall washe awaye the desolacion of the doughters of Syon, & pourge the bloude out from Ierusalem wt the wynde of his smoke & fyre. 5 Moreouer vpon al the dwellynges of the hyl of Syon, and vpon their whole congregacyon, shal the Lord prouyde a cloude & smoke by daye, and the shynynge of a flammynge fyre by nyght: for all their glorye shalbe preserued. 6 And Ierusalem shall be a tabernacle for a shadowe because of hete in the daye tyme, a place and refuge where a man may kepe him for wether and rayne.