Genesis 17

Matthew(i) 1 When Abram was nynetye yere olde and .ix. the Lorde apeared to hym sayinge: I am the almyghtye God: walke before me and be vncorrupte. 2 And I wyl make my bonde betwene the and me, & wyll mutyplye the excedyngly. 3 And Abram fell on hys face. And God talked moreouer wyth hym sayinge: 4 I am, beholde my testament is wt the, that thou shalt be a father of many nacions. 5 Therfore, shalt thou no more be called Abram, but thy name shalbe Abraham: for a father of many nacions haue I made the, 6 and I wyll multyplye the excedyngly, and wyll make nacions of the: yea & kynges shal sprynge out of the. 7 Moreouer I wyl make my bonde betwene me & the, and thy seed after the, in their times to be an euerlastyng testament, So that I wyl be god vnto the & to thy seed after the. 8 And I wyl geue vnto the and to thy seed after the, the lande where in thou arte a straunger: Euen all the lande of Canaan, for an euerlastynge possession & wyl be their God. 9 And god sayd vnto Abraham: Se thou kepe my testament, both thou & thy seed after the in their tymes: 10 This is my testament which ye shal kepe betwene me & you and thy seed after the, that ye cyrcumcyse all youre men chyldren. 11 Ye shall circumcyse the foreskynne of youre flesh, & it shall be a token of the bond betwyxte me and you. 12 And euery man chylde when it is .viij. daies olde, shal be circumcysed among you in your generacions, and all seruauntes also borne at home or bought wt money though they be straungers and not of thy seed. The seruaunte borne in thy house, & he also that is bought with money, must needes be circumcysed, 13 that my testament maye be in your flesh, for an euerlastyng bonde. 14 If there be any vncircumcysed manchyld, that hath not the forskynne of his flesh cut of, his soule shal perish from his people: because he hath broken my testament. 15 And God sayde vnto Abraham. Sarai thy wyfe shal no more be called Sarai: but Sara shall her name be. 16 For I wyl blesse her and geue the a sonne of her & wyl blesse her: so that people, yea & kynges of people shal sprynge of her. 17 And Abraham fel vpon his face & laught, & sayd in his harte: shal a chylde be borne vnto hym that is an hundred yere olde, and shal Sara that is nynetie yere olde, bere: 18 And Abraham sayde vnto God. O that Ismael myghte lyue in thy syghte. 19 Then sayd God: Sara thy wyfe shal bere the a sonne in dede & thou shalt cal his name Isaac. And I wyll make my bond with him, that it shalbe an euerlasting bond vnto hys seed after him. 20 And as concernynge Ismaell also, I haue herde thy request: loo, I wyll blesse hym and encrease hym, and multiplye hym excedyngly. Twelue princes shall he begette and I wyl make a greate nacion of hym. 21 But my bond wyl I make with Isaac, whych Sara shal bere vnto the: euen this tyme twelue moneth. 22 And God left of talkynge with him, & departed vp from Abraham. 23 And Abraham toke Ismael his sonne and al the seruauntes borne in hys house and all that was bought wt money as many as were men children among the men of Abrahams house, and circumcysed the foreskynne of their fleshe, euen the selfe same daye, as God had sayde vnto hym. 24 Abraham was nynetie yere old and nyne, when he cut of the foreskynne of hys flesh. 25 And Ismaell hys sonne was .xiij. yere olde, when the foreskinne of hys flesh was circumcised. 26 The selfe same daye was Abraham cyrcumcysed and Ismael hys soune. 27 And all the men in hys house, whether they were borne in hys house or bought wyth money (though they were straungers) were circumcysed wyth hym.