Genesis 17

Coverdale(i) 1 Now whan Abram was nyentye yeare olde and nyene, the LORDE appeared vnto him, & sayde vnto him: I am the allmightie God, walke before me, & be vncorrupte. 2 And I wyll make my couenaunt betwene me & the, and wyl multiplye the exceadyngly. 3 Then fell Abram vpon his face.And God talked furthur, with him, and sayde: 4 Beholde, It is I, and haue my couenaut with the, and thou shalt be a father of many people. 5 Therfore shalt thou nomore be called Abram, but thy name shal be Abraham: For I haue made the a father of many nacions, 6 & I wil multiplye the exceadingly, and wil make people of ye, yee and kynges also shal come out of the. 7 Morouer I wil make my couenaut betwene me and the, and thy sede after the thorow out their posterities, that it maye be an euerlastinge couenaunt, so that I wyll be the God of the, and of thy sede after the. 8 And vnto the and to thy sede after the, will I geue the lande, wherin thou art a straunger: euen all the lande of Canaan for an euerlastinge possession, and will be their God. 9 And God sayde morouer vnto Abraham: Kepe my couenaunt then, thou and they sede after the. 10 This is my couenaunt which ye shal kepe betwene me and you, and thy sede after ye thorow out their posterites. Euery manchilde that is amonge you, shalbe circumcyded: 11 and ye shall circumcyde the foreskynne of yor flesh. This same shalbe a token of the couenaunt betwene me and you. 12 Euery manchilde whan it is eight dayes olde, shalbe circucyded thorow out youre posterities: In like maner all housholde folkes borne at home, or bought, or eny other also that is a strauger and not of thy sede. 13 Thus shall my couenaunt be in youre flesh for an euerlastinge couenaunt. 14 And yf there shalbe any manchilde vncircumcided in the foreskinne of his flesh, his soule shalbe roted out from his people, because he hath broken my couenaunt. 15 And God sayde vnto Abraham: Sarai thy wyfe shall nomore be called Sarai, but Sara shal be hir name: 16 for I will blesse her, and geue the a sonne of her. I wil blesse her, and people shall come of her, yee and kynges of many people. 17 Then fell Abraha vpo his face, and laughed, and sayde in his hert: Shal a childe be borne vnto me that am an hundreth yeare olde? And shall Sara yt is nyentie yeare olde, beare? 18 And Abraha sayde vnto God: O that Israel might lyue in thy sight. 19 Then sayde God: Yee euen Sara thy wyfe shall beare the a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Isaac: for with him wil I make my euerlastinge couenaunt, and with his sede after him. 20 And as concernynge Ismael also, I haue herde thy request: Beholde, I haue blessed him, and will increase him, and multiplye him exceadingly. Twolue prynces shal he beget, and I wyll make a greate nacion of him. 21 But my couenaunt wyll I make wt Isaac, whom Sara shal beare vnto the, eue this tyme twolue moneth. 22 And he left of talkynge with him, and God wente vp from Abraham. 23 Than toke Abraham his sonne Ismael, and all the seruauntes borne in his house, and all that were bought, (as many as were men children in his house,) and circumcyded the foreskynne of their flesh, euen the same daye, as God had sayde vnto him. 24 And Abraham was nyentie yeare olde and nyne, whan he cut of the foreskynne of his flesh. 25 As for Ismael, he was thirtene yeare olde, whan the foreskynne of his flesh was circumcyded. 26 Euen vpon one daye were they all circumcyded: Abraham, and Ismael his sonne, 27 and all the men in his house, (whether they were borne at home, bought, or eny other straunger:) they were all circumcyded with him.