Exodus 14

Matthew(i) 1 Than the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayinge: 2 byd the chyldren of Israel that they turne and pitch their tentes before the entrynge of Hiroth betwene Mygdole & the sea toward Baalzephon: euen before that shal ye pitch vpon the sea. 3 For Pharao wyll say of the children of Israel: they are tangled in the lande, the wyldernesse hath shut them in. 4 And I wyl harden his harte, that he shall folow after them, that I may get me honour vpon Pharao & vpon all his hoste, that the Egypcyans may knowe that I am the Lorde. And they dyd euen so. 5 And when it was tolde the kynge of Egypt that the people fled, than Pharaos harte and all hys seruauntes turned vnto the people & sayde: why haue we thys done that we haue let Israel goo out of oure seruice? 6 & he made ready hys charettes and toke hys people wt hym 7 and toke .vi. hundred chosen charettes & all the charettes of Egypte and captaynes vpon al hys people. 8 For the Lord hardened the harte of Pharao kynge of Egypt, that he folowed after the chyldren of Israel whyche for al that went oute thorow and hye hande 9 and the Egypcians folowed after them and ouertoke them where they pytched by the sea, wt all the horsses & charettes of Pharao & wt his horssemen & his hoste, euen fast by the entryng of Hiroth before Baall Zephon. 10 And Pharao drewe nye, & when the chyldren of Israel lyft vp their eyes & sawe howe the Egyptians folowed after them, they were sore a frayde & cryed out vnto the Lord. 11 Than sayde they vnto Moses? were there no graues for vs in Egypte, but thou muste brynge vs awaye for to dye in the wyldernesse? wherfore hast thou serued vs thus, for to carye vs out of Egypte? 12 Dyd not we tell the thys in Egypte sayinge, let vs be in rest & serue the Egypcians? For it had bene better for vs to haue serued the Egyptians, than for to dye in the wyldernesse. 13 And Moses sayde vnto the people: feare ye not but stonde styll and beholde howe the Lorde shall saue you thys daye: For as ye se the Egyptians thys daye, shall ye se them nomore for euer tyl the worldes ende. 14 The Lord shal fyghte for you and ye shal holde your peace. 15 The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: wherfore cryest thou vnto me? speake vnto the chyldren of Israel that they goo forwarde. 16 But lyfte thou vp thy rodd & stretch out thy hand ouer the sea and deuyde it a sondre, that the chyldren of Israel may goo on drye grounde thorow the myddest therof. 17 And beholde I wyl harden the hertes of the Egyptians that they maye folowe you. And I wyll gett me honoure vpon Pharao and vpon all hys hoste, vpon his charettes and vpon his horsse men. 18 And the Egyptians shal know that I am the Lord whan I haue gotten me honour vpon Pharao vpon his charettes and vpon his horssemen. 19 And the angell of God which went before the hoste of Israel, remoued & went behynde them. And the clouden pyler that was before them remoued & stode behinde them and 20 went betwene the hoste of the Egypcians & the host of Israel. It was a darke clowde, and gaue lyghte by nyghte: so that all the nyghte long the one coulde not come at the other. 21 When now Moses stretched forth hys hande ouer the sea, the Lorde caryed awaye the sea wt a stronge east wynde that blewe all nyghte, & made the sea drye land and the water deuyded it selfe. 22 And the chyldren of Israel went in thorow the myddest of the sea vpon the drye ground. And the water was a walle vnto them, both on their ryghthand & on their lefte hande. 23 And the Egiptians folowed and went in after them to the myddest of the sea, with all Pharaos horsses, & hys charettes & his horssemen. 24 And in the mornynge watch, the Lorde loked vnto the hoste of the Egyptians out of the fiery and clowdy pyller, and troubled their hoste 25 & smote of their charett wheles and cast them doune to the grounde. Than sayde the Egypcians: Let vs fle from Israel, for the Lord fyghteth for them agaynst vs. 26 Than sayd the Lord vnto Moses: stretch out thyne hande ouer the sea, that the water may come agayn vpon the Egypcians vpon their charettes and horssemen. 27 Than stretched forth Moses hys hande ouer the sea, & it came agayne to hys course early in the mornyng, & the Egypcians fledd agaynste it. Thus the Lorde ouerthrewe the Egypcians in the myddest of the sea, 28 & the water returned and couered the charettes and the horssemen: so that of all the hoste of Pharao that came in to the sea after them, there remayned not one. 29 But the chyldren of Israel went vpon drye lande in the myddest of the sea, & the water was a walle vnto them: both on the ryghte hande of them and also on the lefte. 30 Thus the Lord delyuered Israel the self same day out of the hande of the Egypcians, and Israel sawe the Egypcians deade vpon the sea syde. 31 And when Israel sawe that myghty hande which the Lorde had shewed vpon the Egypcians they feared the Lorde: & beleued both the Lorde, and also hys seruaunte Moses.