Exodus 15

Matthew(i) 1 Then Moses and the chyldren of Israel sange thys songe vnto the Lord & sayd. Let vs synge vnto the Lorde, for he is become gloryous, the horsse & hym that rode vpon him hath he ouerthrowne in the sea. 2 The Lorde is my strength & my songe, and is become my saluacion. He is my God and I wyll glorifie hym, he is my fathers God and I wyll lyfte hym vp an hye. 3 The Lorde is a man of warre Iehouah is hys name: 4 Pharaos charettes and his hoste hath he cast in to the sea. Hys iolye captaynes are drowned in the redde sea, 5 the depe waters haue couered them: they soncke to the botome as a stone. 6 Thyne hand Lorde is glorious in power, thyne hand Lord hath all to dashed the enemye. 7 And wyth thy greate glorye thou haste destroyed thyne aduersaries, thou sentest forth thy wrath and it consumed them, euen as stubbell. 8 Wyth the breth of thyne anger the water gathered to gether and the floddes stode styl as a rocke, and the depe water congeled to gether in the myddest of the sea. 9 The enemye sayd: I wyl folowe and ouertake them, & wyll deuyde the spoyle: I wyll satysfye my lust vpon them: I wyll drawe my swerde, & myne hande shal destroy them. 10 Thou bluest with thy breth & the sea couered them, & they sancke as leed in the mighty waters. 11 Who is lyke vnto the O Lorde amonge goddes: who is lyke the so gloryous in holynes, fearfull, laudable & that shewest wondres? 12 Thou stretchedest out thy ryght hande, and the erth swalowed them. 13 And thou cariedest wyth thy mercye this people which thou delyueredest, & broughtest them wyth thy strength vnto thy holy habitacion. 14 The nacions heard, & were afrayed, panges came vpon the Phylystines. 15 Than the dukes of the Edomytes were amased, and tremblyng came vpon the myghtiest of the Moabytes, & al the inhabiters of Canaan waxed faynte harted. 16 Let feare and dreade fall vpon them thorow the greatnesse of thyne arme, & let them be as styll as a stone: whyle thy people passe thorow o Lord, whyle the people passe thorowe, whych thou hast gotten. 17 Brynge them in, & plante them in the mountayns of thyne enherytaunce, the place Lorde whych thou hast made for to dwell in, the sanctuary Lord, which thy handes haue prepared. 18 The Lorde raygne euer & all waye. 19 For Pharao went in on horsebacke with hys charettes & horssemen in to the sea, and the Lord brought the waters of the sea vpon them. And the chyldren of Israel went on drye lande thorow the myddest of the sea. 20 And MirIam a Prophetisse the syster of Aaron toke a tymbrell in her hand, & all the woman came out after her with tymbrels in a daunse. 21 And MirIam sange before them: Synge ye vnto the Lord, for he is become glorious in deade: the horsse and his ryder hath he ouerthrowne in the sea. 22 Moses brought Israell from the redd sea, and they went out into the wyldernesse of Sur. And they went thre dayes longe in the wyldernesse, and coulde fynde no water. 23 At the laste they came to Mara: but they coulde not dryncke of the waters for bytternesse, for they were bitter, therfore the name of the place was called Mara. 24 Then the people murmured agaynst Moses, sayinge: What shall we dryncke? 25 And Moses cried vnto the Lorde, and he shewed hym a tree: and he cast it in to the waters, and they waxed swete. There he made them an ordinaunce & a law & there he tempted them, 26 & sayde: If ye wyll herken vnto the voyce of the Lord your god, & wyl do that which is ryght in his syght & wyl geue an eare vnto hys commaundementes, and kepe all hys ordynaunces: than wyll I put none of these diseases vpon the whych I brought vpon the Egypcyans, for I am the Lord thy surgione. 27 And they came to Elim where were .xij. welles of water & .lxx. date trees & they pytched there by the water.