2 Kings 12

Matthew(i) 1 And he beganne to raygne the seuenth yeare of Iehu, & raygned fourtye yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Zebiah Bersabe. 2 And he dyd that pleased the Lorde, as longe as Iehoiada the Prieste enformed hym. 3 But they toke not awaye the hyllaultares, for the people slue & offered styll in the hyllaultares. 4 And Iehoas sayde to the prieste: all the syluer that is dedicate & brought to the house of the Lorde in curraunt money, that is to saye, the money that euerye man is set at, with all the moneye that euerye mannes herte geueth hym to brynge into the house of the Lord, 5 let the priestes take it to them, euery man of hys acquayntaunce, and let them repayre the broken places of the temple in all places where ought is founde decayed. 6 Neuerthelater the priestes had not mended vnto the .xxiij. yeare of Iehoas, that was decayed in the temple. 7 Then kynge Iehoas called for Iehoiada the priest, & for the other priestes also, and sayde to them: why repayre ye not the broken places of the temple? Now therfore se that ye receyue no more money of your aquayntaunce, but delyuer it to repayre the temple wythall. 8 And the priestes consented to receyue no more moneye of the people: But that it shulde go to the mendynge of the temple. 9 Then Iehoiada the priest toke a cofer and bored an hoale in the lyd of it, & put it besyde the aultare on the ryght syde as a man cometh into the house of the Lorde. And into that dyd the priestes that kepte the dores, put all the money that was brought into the house of the lord. 10 And when they sawe that there was muche money in the cofer the kinges scribe, & the hye prieste came, and knyt vp the moneye that was founde in the house of the Lorde, after they had tolde it. 11 And they gaue the moneye by sommes into the handes of the worcke men that had the ouersyght of the house of the Lord: & they brought it oute to the carpenters & buylders that wrought vpon the house of the Lorde, 12 & to masons and hewers of stone, to bye tymbre & fre stone, to repayre the decaye in the house of the Lorde, & all that that neaded repayrynge in the house: 13 howe be it there was not made in the house of the Lorde, booles of syluer, shredyng knyues, basens trompettes or any other instrumentes of goulde or syluer, of that money that was brought for the house of the Lorde. 14 For they gaue that to the worckemen, to repayre therewyth the house of the Lorde. 15 Moreouer they rekened not with the men, into whose handes they delyuered the money to be bestowed on worckemen: But they dyd it euen of fidelitye. 16 How be it trespace moneye and synne money myght not be broughte into the house of the Lorde, for it was the priestes. 17 Then came Hazael kynge of Syrya, and fought agaynste Geth, and toke it, & apointed hym selfe to go vp to Ierusalem. 18 But Iehoas kyng of Iuda toke all the dedicate thynges that Iehosaphat Iehoram & Ohoziah his fathers kynges of Iuda, had dedicate, & that he hym self had dedicated, & al the gould that coulde be found in the treasure of the house of the Lorde & of the kinges house, & sent it to Hazael Kynge of Syrya: and so he departed from Ierusalem. 19 The remnaunt of the actes of Iehoas & al he dyd, are writen in the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda. 20 And his owne seruauntes arose and wroughte treason, and slue Iehoas in the house Melo, in the way doune to Sela. 21 Iozabar the sonne of Semaath and Iehozabad the sonne of Somer hys seruauntes, smote hym, that he dyed. And they buryed hym wyth his fathers in the cytye of Dauid. And Amaziah hys sonne raygned in hys steade.