1 Samuel 2

Matthew(i) 1 And Hannah prayd & sayd: myne herte reioyseth in the Lord, myne horne is hye in the Lorde, & my mouthe is wyde open ouer mine enemyes, for I reioyse in thy sauynge. 2 There is none so holye as the Lorde: no there is none saue thou. Neyther is there any strength like vnto our God. 3 Talke not to muche proudlye: let olde thynges depart oute of your mouthes, for the Lorde is a God of knowledge, & iudgeth the thoughtes. 4 The boowes of the strong are broken, & the weake are endued with strength. 5 They that were full, haue hyred out them selues for breade, and they that were hongrye cease so to be: in so much that the baren hath borne seuen, & she that had many chyldren is waxed feble. 6 The Lorde kylleth and maketh a lyue, bryngeth doune to hell & fetcheth vp agayne 7 The Lorde maketh pore, and maketh ryche, bryngeth lowe, and heueth vp on hye. 8 He reyseth vp the poore out of the duste, and lyfteth vp the begger from the dong hill: to set them among princes, and to enheret them with the seate of glory. For the pyllers of the earth are the Lordes, and he hath set the rounde worlde vpon them. 9 He wil kepe the fete of his sainctes, but the wicked shal kepe silence in darkenesse. For in his own myght shal no man be strong. 10 The Lordes aduersaryes shall be made to feare hym: and out of heauen he shal thunder vpon them. The Lorde shall iudge the endes of the worlde, and shall geue myght vnto his Kynge, and exalte the horne of his anoynted. 11 And Elkanah went to Ramath to hys house, and the ladde dyd mynystre vnto the Lorde before Eli the prieste. 12 But the sonnes of Eli were vnthryftye chyldren, and knewe not the Lorde. 13 For the maner of the priestes wyth the people was whensoeuer any man offered any offerynges the priestes ladde came, whyle the fleshe was in sethynge, and a fleshoke wyth thre tethe in hys hande, 14 and thrust it into the panne, ketle, caldren, or potte. And all that the fleshe hoke broughte vp the prieste toke awaye. And so they dyd vnto all Israel that came thyther to Siloh. 15 Yea, & thereto before they had offered the fatte, the priestes lad came and sayde to the man that offered: geue fleshe to roste for the prieste, for he wyll not haue sodden fleshe of the, but rawe. 16 And yf any man sayd vnto hym let the fatte be offered accordynge to the daye, & then take as muche as thyne herte desireth. The lad wold aunswere him, thou shalt geue it me now, or els I wyl take it with violence. 17 And the synne of the young men was very great before the Lorde. For they dispysed the people and also the offerynge of the Lorde. 18 But the ladde Samuel mynystred before the Lord gyrded about wyth a lynen Ephod. 19 Moreouer hys mother made hym a lytle coote, and brought it to hym from feaste to feaste when she came vp with her husbande to offer the offeryng of the sayd feast. 20 And Eli blessed Elkanah and hys wyfe: and sayde: the Lorde geue the seede of thys woman, for that she hath lent the Lord. And they went vnto their owne whome. 21 And the Lorde visited Hannah so that she conceyued and bare thre sonnes & two doughters But the boye Samuel grewe dwellynge styll with the Lorde. 22 Eli was very olde, and hearde all that hys sonnes dyd vnto all Israel, & how they slepte wyth the wemen that wayted in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, 23 & sayd vnto them: why do ye suche thynges? For I heare youre wycked deades of all these people. 24 Oh, naye my sonnes: for it is no good reporte, that I heare how that ye make the Lordes people to trespasse. 25 If one man synne agaynste another daysemen maye make his peace: but yf a man synne agaynste the Lorde who can be hys dayse man? Notwythstandynge they herkened not vnto the voice of theyr father, because the Lorde wolde slaye them. 26 The chylde Samuel profyted and grewe, and was in fauoure both wyth the Lorde and also with men. 27 And there came a man of God vnto Eli & sayde vnto hym: thus sayth the Lorde. I apeared vnto the house of thy father, when they were in Egypte in Pharaos house. 28 And I chose thy father out of al the trybes of Israel to be my prieste for to offer vpon myne aultar and to burne incense, & to were an Ephod before me. And I gaue vnto the house of thy father all the offerynges of the chyldren of Israel. 29 Wherfore kycke ye agaynste my sacryfyce and agaynst myne offeryng which I commaunde in the tabernacle, and honoreste thy chyldren aboue me, and make your selues fat of the fyrste frutes of all the offerynges of Israel my people? 30 Wherfore the Lorde God of Israel sayth: I sayde that thyne house and the house of thy father shulde haue walked before me for euer. But now the Lorde sayth: that be farre from me: for them that worshyppe me, I wyll worshyp, & they that despyse me, shalbe despised. 31 Behold the dayes wyl come that I wil cut of thyne arme and the arme of thy fathers house, that there shall not be an elder in thyne house. 32 And thou shalt se thyne enemye in the tabernacle, in al that shal please Israel, and there shall not be an elder in thyne house whyle the worlde standeth. 33 Neuerthelesse I wyll not destroye all thy males from my aultare, to dase thy syghte with all and to make thyne hert melte. And al the multitude of thyne house shall dye younge. 34 And this shalbe a sygne vnto the, that shal come vpon thy two sonnes, Hophni and Phinehes: euen in one daye they shal dye bothe of them. 35 And I wyl stere me vp a faythful priest that shal do as it is in myne hert & in my mynd. And I wyl buylde him a sure house. And he shall walke before myne anoynted for euer. 36 And they that are lefte in thyne house, shall come & crouche to hym for a lytle pece of syluer & a cake of bread, and shall saye: put me I praye the in one offyce, or other amonge the priestes, that I may eate a morsell of bread.