1 Samuel 18

Matthew(i) 1 And when he had made an ende of speaking vnto Saul, the soule of Ionathas was knit wyth the soule of Dauid. In so much that he loued hym as hys owne soule. 2 And Saul toke him that daye & would let hym go no more home to hys fathers house. 3 And Ionathas and Dauid bounde them selues the one to the other, for Ionathas loued him as hys owne soule. 4 And Ionathas put of his owne coote that was vpon hym, & gaue it Dauid, and therto hys mantel, hys swerde, his bowe and hys gyrdle. 5 And Dauid went oute to all that Saul sente hym, and behaued hym selfe wyselye. And when Saul hath set him ouer his men of warre, he pleased al the people, and Sauls seruauntes therto. 6 And it happened as they went, when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, that wemen came out of al cytyes of Israel syngynge and daunsyng, agaynste Saul, wyth tymbrelles, wyth ioye, and wyth fydilles. 7 And the wemen that played sange therto, & sayd: Saul hath slayne his thousand & Dauid hys ten thousand. 8 Then was Saul exceding wroth & the sayinge displeased him, and he sayde: they haue ascrybed vnto Dauid ten thousand, and to me but a thousande, & what can he more haue saue the kyngdome? 9 wherfore Saul loked on syde of Dauid from that daye forward. 10 And it happened on the morow, that the euyll spirite sente of God came vpon Saul, so that he prophesyed in the myddes of the house. And Dauid played on the instrumente wyth hys hande as he was daylye wont. 11 And Saul had a speare in hys hand, and hourlde it entendyng to haue nayled Dauid to the walle. But Dauid auoyded out of hys presence two times. 12 For Saul was afrayde of Dauid, because the Lorde was wt him, and was departed from Saul. 13 And then Saul put Dauid from him and made hym a captayne ouer a thousand, and he wente oute and in before the people. 14 And Dauid was wyse in al that he toke in hande, and the Lorde was wyth hym. 15 Wherfore when Saul sawe that he was so exceding wyse, he was afrayd of him. 16 But al Israel and Iuda loued Dauid because he wente oute and in before them. 17 Then sayd Saul to Dauid. Beholde my eldest doughter Merob, her I wyll geue the to wyfe: Only play the man and fyghte the Lordes batelles. For Saul thoughte myne hande shal not be vpon hym, but the hande of the Philistines. 18 And Dauid answered Saul: what am I? and what is my lyfe or the kynred of my father in Israel, that I shoulde be sonne in lawe to the Kynge: 19 How be it when the time was come that Merob Sauls doughter shoulde haue bene geuen to Dauid, she was geuen vnto Adriel a Meholothite, to wyfe. 20 How be it Michol Sauls doughter loued Dauid. And when it was shewed Saul, the thinge pleased hym well. 21 And he sayde: I wyll geue hym her that she maye be a snare to hym, to bringe the hande of the Philistines vpon hym. And Saul sayde to Dauid: thou shalt thys daye be my sonne in lawe agayne. 22 And Saul commaunded hys seruauntes, to comen wyth Dauid secretely and saye: Beholde the Kynge hath a fauoure to the, and all his seruauntes loue the, be therfore the kinges sonne in lawe. 23 And Sauls seruauntes spake these wordes in the eares of Dauid. But Dauid answered: semeth it to you a light thing to be the kinges sonne in lawe, when I am a poore man and of smalle reputacyon? 24 And Sauls seruauntes tolde hym agayne sayinge: of this maner answered Dauid. 25 Then sayde Saul: this wyse saye to Dauid: the kinge careth for no nother dowry but for an hundred foreskynnes of the Philistines, to be auenged of the kynges enemies. For Saul thought to make Dauid fall into the handes of the Philistines. 26 Then hys seruauntes tolde Dauid these wordes, and it pleased Dauid well to be the kynges sonne in lawe. 27 And shortlye after Dauid arose wyth his men, and went, and slue of the Philistines two hundred men, and brought there foreskinnes, and satisfyed the Kynge thereof to be his sonne in lawe. And so Saul gaue hym Michol hys doughters to wyfe. 28 And when Saul sawe and vnderstode, how that the Lord was with Dauid, and that Michol hys doughter loued hym, 29 he was the more afrayed of Dauid, and became Dauids enemie for euer. 30 And when the Philistines went out to warre, Dauid behaued hym selfe wyselyer then all the seruauntes of Saul: so that hys name was moche set bye.