2 Kings 24:18-20

  18 H6667 Zedekiah H6242 was twenty H259 and one H8141 years H1121 old H4427 when he began to reign [H8800]   H4427 , and he reigned [H8804]   H259 eleven H6240   H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem H517 . And his mother's H8034 name H2537 was Hamutal H1323 , the daughter H3414 of Jeremiah H3841 of Libnah.
  19 H6213 And he did [H8799]   H7451 that which was evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of the LORD H3079 , according to all that Jehoiakim H6213 had done [H8804]  .
  20 H639 For through the anger H3068 of the LORD H3389 it came to pass in Jerusalem H3063 and Judah H7993 , until he had cast them out [H8689]   H6440 from his presence H6667 , that Zedekiah H4775 rebelled [H8799]   H4428 against the king H894 of Babylon.