Numbers 5

JuliaSmith(i) 1 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saying, 2 Command the sons of Israel, and they shall send forth from the camp every one leprous, and every one flowing, and every one unclean for the soul: 3 From male even to female ye shall send them forth, without the camp shall ye send them; and they shall not defile their camp where I dwell in the midst of them. 4 And the sons of Israel will do so, and they will send them forth without the camp: as Jehovah spake to Moses, so did the sons of Israel. 5 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saying, 6 Speak to the sons of Israel, A man or woman when they shall do from any sin Of man to cover a transgression against Jehovah, and that soul transgressed; 7 And they confessed their sin which they did, and he returned his transgresion with its head, and he added its fifth upon it, and he gave to whom he transgressed against him. 8 And if not to the man a kinsman to give back the transgression to him, the transgression being given back to Jehovah, to the priest; besides the ram of expiations, it shall be expiated by it for him. 9 And every offering for all the consecrated things of the sons of Israel which they shall bring to the priest, shall be to him. 10 And a man his holy things shall be to him; a man who shall give to the priest, it shall be to him. 11 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saying, 12 Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, A man, a man when his wife shall turn aside, and she covered a transgression against him, 13 And a man lay with her with emission of seed, and it was hid from the eyes of her husband, and it was covered, and she was defiled, and no witness against her, and she was not taken hold of. 14 And the spirit of jealousy passed upon him, and he was jealous of his wife, and she was defiled: or the spirit of jealousy passed upon him, and he was jealous of his wife, and she was not defiled: 15 And the man brought forth his wife to the priest, and brought her offering for her, the tenth of an ephah of flour of barley; he shall not pour oil upon it, and he shall not give frankincense upon it, for it the gift of jealousy, the gift of remembrance, bringing iniquity to remembrance. 16 And the priest brought her near, and made her stand before Jehovah. 17 And the priest took holy waters in a vessel of earthen, and from the dust which shall be upon the bottom of the dwelling, the priest shall take and he gave into the water. 18 And the priest made the woman stand before Jehovah, and uncovered the head of the woman, and gave upon her hands the gift of remembrance, this is the gift of jealousy: and in the hand of the priest shall be to him the waters of contradiction, causing the curse. 19 And the priest bound her by an oath, and said to the woman, If a man lay not with thee, and thou didst not turn aside to be defiled instead of thy husband, be thou unpunished from the water of contradiction, causing the curse. 20 And if thou didst turn aside instead of thy husband, and if thou wert defiled, and a man gave with thee his bed besides thy husband; 21 And the priest bound the woman by an oath in these curses, and the priest said to the woman, Jehovah will give thee for a curse, and for an oath in the midst of thy people, in Jehovah's giving thy thigh to fall, and thy belly to go forth. 22 And the waters causing the curse shall come into thy bowels, and cause thy belly to come forth, and thy thigh to fall. And the woman said, Amen, amen. 23 And the priest wrote these curses in a book, and he wiped off into the water of contradiction. 24 And he caused the woman to drink the water of contradiction causing the curse; and the waters causing the curse shall come into her for contradiction. 25 And the priest took out of the hand of the woman the gift of jealousy, and lifted up the gift before Jehovah and brought it to the altar. 26 And the priest took with the hand from the gift its remembrance, and burnt upon the altar, and afterward he shall cause the woman to drink the water. 27 And he caused her to drink the water, and it was if she was defiled and she shall cover the transgression against her husband, and the waters causing the curse came into her for contradiction, and her belly came forth, and her thigh fell, and the woman was for a curse in the midst of her people. 28 And if the woman was not defiled and she was clean, and she was unpunished, and conceived seed. 29 This the law of jealousies, when a woman shall turn aside instead of her husband, and she was defiled; 30 Or a man, when the spirit of jealousy shall pass over upon him, and he was jealous of his wife, and he made the woman stand before Jehovah, and the priest did to her all this law. 31 And the man was clean from iniquity, and this woman shall bear her iniquity.