Numbers 5

Coverdale(i) 1 And ye LORDE spake vnto Moses, and sayde: 2 Commaunde the children of Israel, yt they put out of the hoost all ye lepers, and all that haue yssues, and that are defyled vpon the deed, 3 both men and wome shall they putt out of the hoost, that they defyle not their tentes, wherin I dwell amonge them. 4 And ye children of Israel dyd so, and put them out of the hoost, as ye LORDE had sayde vnto Moses. 5 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 6 Speake vnto the children of Israel & saye vnto them: Whan a man or woman doth a synne to eny body, and offendeth therwith agaynst the LORDE, then hath that soule a trespace vpon it. 7 And they shall knowlege their synne, that they haue done, and shall make amendes for their trespace, euen with the whole summe, and put ye fifth parte more therto, and geue it vnto him, agaynst whom they haue trespaced. 8 But yf there be noman to make the amendes vnto for the offence yt he hath trespaced agaynst him, then shal the reconcylynge be made vnto the LORDE for the prest, besydes the ramme of the attonemet, wherwith he shalbe reconcyled. 9 Likewyse all the Heueofferynges of all that the children of Israel halowe vnto the LORDE, and offre vnto the prest, shall be his. 10 And who so haloweth eny thinge, it shalbe his. And who so geueth the prest eny thinge, it shal be his also. 11 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 12 Speake to the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: Whan eny mans wife goth asyde, and trespaceth agaynst him, 13 & eny ma lye with her fleshlye, and the thinge be yet hyd from his eyes, and is not come to light that she is defiled, and he can brynge no witnesse agaynst her (for she was not take therin) 14 and the sprete of gelousye kyndleth him, so that he is gelous ouer his wife: whether she be vncleane or not vncleane, 15 then shal he brynge her vnto the prest, and brynge an offerynge for her, euen the tenth parte of an Epha of barlye meele, and shal poure no oyle theron, ner put frankensence vpon it: for it is an offerynge of gelousy, and an offeringe of remembraunce, that remembreth synne. 16 Then shall the prest brynge her, and sett her before the LORDE, 17 and take of the holy water in an earthen vessell, and put of ye dust that is on the floore of the habitacion, in to the water. 18 And he shal set the wife before ye LORDE, and vncouer hir heade, and the offeringe of remembraunce which is an offeringe of gelousy, shall he laye vpon hir handes. And the prest shal haue in his hande bytter cursinge water, and shal coniure the wife, & saye vnto her: 19 Yf no man haue lye with the, and thou hast not gone asyde from thy hu?bande, to defyle thy self, then shall not these bytter cursinge waters hurte the. 20 But yf thou hast gone asyde from thy hu?bande, so that thou art defyled, and some other man hath lyen with the besyde thy hu?bande, 21 then shall the prest coniure the wife with this curse, and shal saye vnto her: The LORDE sett the to a curse and a coniuracion amonge thy people, so that the LORDE make thy thye rotte, and thy wombe to berst. 22 So go this cursed water in to thy body, that yi wombe berst, and thy thye rotte. And the wife shal saye: Amen Amen. 23 So the prest shall wryte this curse in a byll, and wash it out with the water, 24 and shall geue the wife of the bytter cursinge waters to drynke. 25 And wha the cursinge water is gone in her, so yt it is bytter vnto her then shal the prest take the gelousy offerynge out of the wyues hande, and waue it for a meatofferynge before the LORDE, and offre it vpon the altare: 26 namely, he shall take an handfull of the meatofferynge for hir remebraunce, & burne it vpo the altare, & then geue the wife the water to drinke. 27 And wha she hath dronken the water, yf she be defyled and haue trespaced agaynst hir hu?bande, then shal the cursinge water go in to her, and be so bytter, that hir wombe shal berst, and hir thye shall rotte, and the wife shal be a curse amonge hir people. 28 But yf the same wife be not defyled, but is cleane, then shall it do her no harme, so that she maye be with childe. 29 This is the lawe of gelousy, whan a wyfe goeth asyde from hir hu?bande, and is defyled: 30 Or whan ye sprete of gelousy kyndleth a man, so that he is gelous ouer his wyfe, yt he brynge her before the LORDE, and that ye prest do all wt her acordinge vnto this lawe. 31 And ye man shalbe giltlesse of the synne, but the wife shall beare hir my?dede.