Numbers 14

ISV(i) 1 Now the whole assembly complained and raised their voices. People wept bitterly through that night. 2 All the Israelites murmured against Moses and Aaron and the whole assembly said to them: Oh that we had died in Egypt or in this wilderness. 3 For what purpose did the LORD bring us to this land {— } to die by the sword so that our wives and children will become spoils of war? Isn't it better for us to return to Egypt? 4 Then they said to each other, let's assign a leader then return to Egypt. 5 Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel. 6 Joshua, the son of Nun and Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, who were with those who explored the land, tore their clothes. 7 They reasoned with the entire congregation of Israel saying: The land, which we've passed through to explore is exceedingly good. 8 If the LORD takes pleasure in us, then he'll bring us to this land, and give us the land, which is flowing with milk and honey. 9 However, don't rebel against the LORD or fear the people of the land for they're food for us. Their defense will be removed from them for the LORD is with us. Don't fear them. 10 But the whole congregation desired to stone them to death. Suddenly, the glory of the LORD appeared at the tent of meeting, to all the Israelites. 11 Then the LORD said to Moses: How long will this people spurn me and refuse to trust me despite all the miracles that I've accomplished among them? 12 For this reason, I'll smite them with a pestilence and disinherit them. Instead, I'll make you a great nation, even mightier compared to them. 13 Then Moses responded to the LORD: So, Egypt will hear that with your might, you've brought this people out from among them 14 and they'll proclaim to the inhabitants of this land. They've heard that you're among this people Oh LORD, whom they've seen face to face for your cloud stands over them. With a pillar of cloud you guided them by day and with a pillar of fire by night. 15 Slaughter this people as one man then the nations who heard about your fame will say: 16 Because the LORD isn't able to bring this people to the land, which he had promised to them, he slaughtered them in the wilderness. 17 Now, let the power of the LORD be magnified just as you've promised saying: 18 The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in faithful love, forgiving iniquity and transgression but he won't acquit the guilty. He recalls the iniquity of fathers to the third and fourth generation. 19 Forgive I pray the iniquity of this people according to the greatness of your faithful love just as you've forgiven this people from Egypt to this place. 20 Then the LORD said: I've forgiven on account of your words. 21 But as I live and as the whole earth will be filled with the LORD's glory, 22 all those men saw my glory and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness yet they've tested me this ten times and didn't listen to my voice. 23 Therefore, they'll not see the land, which I've promised to their ancestors, even those who spurned me won't see it. 24 But my servant Caleb, as a result of a different disposition within him, he has followed me fully. Therefore, I'll bring him in to the land, which he had explored. And his descendants will inherit it. 25 Now the Amalekite and the Canaanite live in the valley. Tomorrow, turn then travel to the wilderness in the direction of the Red Sea. 26 Then the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron: 27 How long will this wicked assembly murmur against me? I've heard the complaints of the Israelites, which they've lodged against me. 28 Say to them: As long as I live {— } an oracle of the LORD {— } as surely as you've spoken in my ears, that I'll do to you. 29 Your corpses will fall in this wilderness {— } everyone who has been counted among you, according to your number from twenty years and above, who murmured against me. 30 Certainly, you'll not enter the land, where I made an oath to settle you in it, except for Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun. 31 However, your little ones, about whom you said will become prey, I'll bring them in. Then they'll know by experience the land that you've rejected. 32 As for you, your corpses will fall in this wilderness 33 and your children will be wanderers in the wilderness for forty years. They'll bear the consequences of your idolatries until your bodies will entirely be consumed in the wilderness. 34 According to the number of days in which you've explored the land, forty days, a day to a year, so a day to a year, you'll bear the consequences of your iniquities. For forty years you'll experience my hostility. 35 I, the LORD have spoken. Indeed I'll do so to this evil congregation, who gathered against me. In this wilderness they'll be cut off and will surely die. 36 So the men whom Moses sent out to explore the land, who returned and have made the whole congregation murmur against him by bringing an evil report concerning the land, 37 even the men who brought an evil report about the land died of the pestilence before the Lord. 38 However, Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, of the men who had explored the land remained alive. 39 When Moses had spoken these words to the Israelites, the people deeply mourned. 40 So they rose up early the next morning and traveled to the top of the mountain saying: Behold! We're here and will go up to the place which the LORD had spoken about for we've sinned. 41 Then Moses said: For what reason are you transgressing the command of the LORD, knowing that it won't succeed? 42 Don't go up knowing that LORD is no longer in your midst for you'll be smitten before your enemies. 43 The Amalekites and Canaanites are there before you and you'll die by the sword for you've turned your back from following the LORD. The LORD won't be with you. 44 But they resumed to go up to the top of the mountain even though the ark of the covenant of the LORD and Moses didn't leave the camp. 45 Then the Amalekite came down along with the Canaanites who live in the mountains. They smote and beat them even until Hormah.