Numbers 14

ECB(i) 1
And all the witness lift and give their voice and cry; and the people weep that night. 2 And all the sons of Yisra El murmur against Mosheh and against Aharon: and all the witness say to them, O that we had died in the land of Misrayim! O that we had died in this wilderness! 3 And why brings Yah Veh us to this land, to fall by the sword? And our women and our children become a plunder? Were it not better for us to return into Misrayim? 4 And they say man to brother, We give us a head and return to Misrayim. 5 Then Mosheh and Aharon fall at the face of all the congregation of the witness of the sons of Yisra El: 6 and Yah Shua the son of Nun and Kaleb the son of Yephunneh, being of them who explored the land, rip their clothes: 7 and they say to all the witness of the sons of Yisra El, saying, The land, we passed through to explore, is a mighty mighty good land: 8 if Yah Veh delights in us, he brings us into this land and gives it us - a land flowing with milk and honey: 9 only neither rebel against Yah Veh, nor awe the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defence turns aside from them and Yah Veh is with us: - awe them not. 10 And all the witness say to stone them with stones. And the honor of Yah Veh is seen in the tent of the congregation at the face of all the sons of Yisra El: 11 and Yah Veh says to Mosheh, Until when this people scorn me? And until when ere they trust me, for all the signs I worked among them? 12 I smite them with the pestilence and dispossess them; and work of you a greater goyim - mightier than they. 13
And Mosheh says to Yah Veh, Then the Misrayim hear; for you ascended this people from among them by your force; 14 and they tell them who settle this land: for they heard that you Yah Veh are among this people, that you Yah Veh are seen eye to eye and that your cloud stands over them; and that you go at their face in a pillar of a cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night: 15 and if you deathify all this people as one man, then the goyim who hear the report of you, say, saying, 16 Yah Veh is not able to bring this people into the land he oathed them - he slaughters them in the wilderness. 17 And now, I beseech you, that the force of my Adonay greaten, as you worded, saying, 18 Yah Veh - slow to wrath and great of mercy, bearing perversity and rebellion and in exonerating, exonerates not, visiting the perversity of the fathers on the sons to the third and fourth. 19 Forgive, I beseech you, the perversity of this people according to the greatness of your mercy and as you bear this people, from Misrayim even until now. 20
And Yah Veh says, I forgive according to your word: 21 but as truly as I live, all the earth fills with the honor of Yah Veh. 22 Because all those men who see my honor and my signs which I worked in Misrayim and in the wilderness; and now they test me these ten times and hearken not to my voice; 23 neither they see the land I oathed to their fathers, nor any who scorn me see it 24 - except my servant Kaleb: because there becomes another spirit with him and follows me fully - him I bring to the land he goes; and his seed possesses it. 25 And the Amaleqiy and the Kenaaniy settle in the valley. Tomorrow, pull stakes, to the face of the wilderness by the way of the Reed sea. 26 And Yah Veh words to Mosheh and to Aharon, saying, 27 Until when murmur they this evil witness against me? I hear the murmurings the sons of Yisra El murmur against me. 28 Say to them, I live, - an oracle of Yah Veh, as you word in my ears, thus work I to you: 29 your carcases fall in this wilderness; and all those mustered of you, according to your whole number, sons of twenty years and upward who complain against me 30 you - you come not into the land, which I lifted my hand that you tabernacle therein - except Kaleb the son of Yephunneh and Yah Shua the son of Nun: 31 and your toddlers, whom you say are a plunder, them bring I in; that they know the land you spurned. 32 And as for you, your carcases - they fall in this wilderness: 33 and your sons tend in the wilderness forty years and bear your whoredoms, until your carcases are consumed in the wilderness. 34 As the number of the days you explored the land - forty days, a day for a year, a day for a year, you bear your perversities - forty years that you know my alienation. 35 I Yah Veh have worded, If I work not to all this evil witness who congregate against me: in this wilderness they are consumed and here they die. 36 And the men Mosheh sent to explore the land, who returned and had all the witness murmur against him, by bringing up a slander on the land, 37 even those men who brought the slander on the land, died by the plague at the face of Yah Veh. 38 But Yah Shua the son of Nun and Kaleb the son of Yephunneh, of the men who went to explore the land, lived. 39 - and Mosheh words these words to all the sons of Yisra El: and the people mourn mightily. 40 And they start early in the morning and ascend into the top of the mountain, saying, Behold, we are here - ascended to the place of which Yah Veh said: - for we sinned. 41 And Mosheh says, Why this? You trespass the mouth of Yah Veh but it prospers not! 42 Ascend not, for Yah Veh is not among you; that you not be smitten at the face of your enemies: 43 for the Amaleqiy and the Kenaaniy are there at your face; and you fall by the sword: because you turned from following Yah Veh, so Yah Veh is not with you. 44 And in ascending, they ascend to the mountain top: and the ark of the covenant of Yah Veh and Mosheh depart not from the camp: 45 and the Amaleqiy and the Kenaaniy who settle in that mountain descend and smite them and crush them to Hormah.