Nehemiah 9:28

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  28 H5117 וכנוח But after they had rest, H7725 להם ישׁובו again H6213 לעשׂות they did H7451 רע evil H6440 לפניך before H5800 ותעזבם thee: therefore leftest H3027 ביד thou them in the hand H341 איביהם of their enemies, H7287 וירדו so that they had the dominion H7725 בהם וישׁובו over them: yet when they returned, H2199 ויזעקוך and cried H859 ואתה unto thee, thou H8064 משׁמים from heaven; H8085 תשׁמע heardest H5337 ותצילם didst thou deliver H7356 כרחמיך them according to thy mercies; H7227 רבות and many H6256 עתים׃ times