Leviticus 13:28

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  28 H518 ואם And if H8478 תחתיה in his place, H5975 תעמד stay H934 הבהרת the bright spot H3808 לא not H6581 פשׂתה spread H5785 בעור in the skin, H1931 והוא but it H3544 כהה somewhat dark; H7613 שׂאת a rising H4348 המכוה of the burning, H1931 הוא it H2891 וטהרו shall pronounce him clean: H3548 הכהן and the priest H3588 כי for H6867 צרבת an inflammation H4348 המכוה of the burning. H1931 הוא׃ it