Exodus 12:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H7651 שׁבעת Seven H3117 ימים days H7603 שׂאר leaven H3808 לא shall there be no H4672 ימצא found H1004 בבתיכם in your houses: H3588 כי for H3605 כל whosoever H398 אכל eateth H2557 מחמצת that which is leavened, H3772 ונכרתה shall be cut off H5315 הנפשׁ soul H1931 ההוא even that H5712 מעדת from the congregation H3478 ישׂראל of Israel, H1616 בגר whether he be a stranger, H249 ובאזרח or born H776 הארץ׃ in the land.