Ecclesiastes 2:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H3588 כי For H3426 ישׁ there is H120 אדם a man H5999 שׁעמלו whose labor H2451 בחכמה in wisdom, H1847 ובדעת and in knowledge, H3788 ובכשׁרון and in equity; H120 ולאדם yet to a man H3808 שׁלא that hath not H5998 עמל labored H5414 בו יתננו therein shall he leave H2506 חלקו it his portion. H1571 גם also H2088 זה This H1892 הבל vanity H7451 ורעה evil. H7227 רבה׃ and a great