2 Samuel 19:37

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  37 H7725 ישׁב turn back again, H4994 נא I pray thee, H5650 עבדך Let thy servant, H4191 ואמת that I may die H5892 בעירי in mine own city, H5973 עם by H6913 קבר the grave H1 אבי of my father H517 ואמי and of my mother. H2009 והנה But behold H5650 עבדך thy servant H3643 כמהם Chimham; H5674 יעבר let him go over H5973 עם with H113 אדני my lord H4428 המלך the king; H6213 ועשׂה and do H853 לו את   H834 אשׁר to him what H2896 טוב good H5869 בעיניך׃ shall seem